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UNKNOWN 2011 Film
  • Martin Harris: I didn't forget everything. I remember how to kill you, asshole.

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Assassins, Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries
    • Section 15
      • European based assassination unit of The Ministry for State Security. Freelance, deniable.
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Shine Club
      • Dance club in Berlin where Martin Harris and Gina hide out temporarily.
  • Computers and Software
    • Capture_it_O2blue
      • Software Elizabeth Harris uses to download Professor Bressler's data.
  • Conventions and Seminars
    • Biotech 10th Annual Global Summit
      • "Where life and science unite as one." Conference in Berlin where Prince Shada and Nobel laureate Professor Leo Bressler are scheduled to announce the development of a new strain of corn, a fast-growing, self-propagating, drought-tolerant and pest-resistant, to be made available worldwide without patent or copyright costs.
  • Lodging-Hotels
    • Hotel Pension
      • Shady hotel in Berlin where Martin Harris attempts to get a room.
  • TV Stations-News
    • BNI World News
      • Berlin Nachrichten International. TV news that Martin Harris watches in the hospital.
  • Universities
    • Langemore University
      • Martin Harris's college in New Hampshire.
  • Videos
    • Prince Shada In Assassination Attempt
      • Video that former spy from the Ministry for State Security Ernst Jürgen watches online.

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