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  • Smallville Ledger: River Dredging Uncovers Bizarre Glow-in-the-Dark Geodes (Pilot episode)

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  • Quotes
    • Carrie Castle
      • Carrie Castle: Unlike your whore at the Inquisitor, I'm not for sale. (Season 1 episode Drone)
    • Chloe Sullivan
      • Chloe Sullivan: Clark Kent leaps tall theories in a single bound! (Season 1 episode Obscura)
      • Chloe Sullivan: Clark has more issues than Rolling Stone. (Season 3 episode Phoenix)
      • Chloe Sullivan: The worst sin of age is to forget the trials of youth. (Season 3 episode Exile)
    • Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent & Pete Ross
      • Chloe Sullivan: What are you doing to those poor citrus?
        Clark Kent: Apparently there's enough acid in them to act as a battery.
        Chloe Sullivan: How very survivor of you. What are you gonna call it, a Clockwork Orange?Pete Ross: Don't you wish you were the first one to say that?
        (Season 2 episode Visitor)
    • Clark Kent & Chloe Sullivan
      • Clark Kent: I took a shortcut.
        Chloe Sullivan: Through what - a black hole?
        (Pilot episode)
      • Clark Kent: So Lana's mystery hero isn't out to save anyone. He's hunting them.
        Chloe Sullivan: Smallville's own version of a hate crime. But Why?
        Clark Kent: Revenge. Van McNulty's father was a Marine recruiter that was killed by Tina Greer.
        Chloe Sullivan: Tina's dead, so he decides to go Terminator on the rest. Van's fighting his own personal war.
        (Season 3 episode Extinction)
    • Daily Planet
      • Daily Planet: Masked Man continues to rampage Metropolis (Season 3 episode Exile)
      • Daily Planet: Massive solar flare causes communications disruptions. (Season 3 episode Perry)
    • The Daily Planet
      • The Daily Planet: QUEEN INDUSTRIES CEO MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD (Pilot episode)
    • Dr. Virgil Swan
      • Dr. Virgil Swan: Corporate titans don't usually show up at my door unannounced. (Season 3 episode Legacy)
    • Greg Arkin
      • Greg Arkin (also known as Bug Boy): Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. (Season 1 episode Metamorphosis)
    • Jimmy McGill
      • Jimmy McGill: I mean, I don't know. What f we did the Superman thing? You know, like Superman. Well, like a weatherman. Blue screen, I think.
    • Lex Luthor & Molly
      • Lex Luthor: I was looking for the on-call tech guy.
        Molly: Well, you found her.
        Lex Luthor: You work in the tech department?
        Molly: Would you rather have a Playstation-addicted dork wearing a Star Wars T-shirt?
        (Season 3 episode Delete)
    • Lionel Luthor
      • Lionel Luthor: When you're rich, you're not crazy. You're eccentric. (Season 3 episode Slumber)
      • Lionel Luthor: You know Helen, black widows may be powerful predators, but every predator is somebody else's prey. (Season 3 episode Exile)
    • Mandy
      • Mandy: You want a quote? Back off bitch. (Season 4 episode Devoted)
    • Martha Kent
      • Martha Kent: How can you be fast as lightning and slow as molasses all at the same time? (Season 2 episode Lineage)
    • Metropolis Inquisitor
      • Metropolis Inquisitor: R.I.P. LEX: Search Called Off - Funeral Friday (Season 3 episode Exile)
      • Metropolis inquisitor: Death at Club Zero (Season 1 episode Zero)
    • Smallville High Torch
      • Smallville High Torch: Student Stung by Swarm
 (Season 1 episode Drone)
      • Smallville High Torch: Highjacked Truck Linked to LuthorCorp (Season 2 episode Witness)
      • Smallville High Torch: Mystery Shooter Saves Smallville Student! (Season 3 episode Extinction)
      • Smallville High Torch: Kwan Crushes Freedom of Speech.
      • Smallville High Torch: Crows Take-Off for Another Successful Season (Season 3 episode Phoenix)
      • Smallville High Torch: Jonathan Kent Arrested in Luthor Shooting (Season 2 episode Suspect)
      • Smallville High Torch: Football: Sport or Abuse?! (Season 1 episode Hothead)
    • Smallville Ledger
      • Smallville Ledger: River Dredging Uncovers Bizarre Glow-in-the-Dark Geodes (Pilot episode)
      • Smallville Ledger: LuthorCorp plant to close (Season 1 episode Tempest)
      • Smallville Ledger: Area Man Gains Finger on Left Hand - Loses One of the Right (Pilot episode)
      • Smallville Ledger: Chemistry Lab Explosion (Season 2 episode Witness)
      • Smallville Ledger: Local Girl Drowns (Season 2 episode Accelerate)
      • Smallville Ledger: LutherCorp Plant Posts Profit (Season 1 episode Stray)
Smallville Ledger: Local Teen Dies in Cave Rave (Season 2 episode Rush)
      • Smallville Ledger: Lex Luthor Robs Bank (Season 1 episode X-Ray)
      • Smallville Ledger: Smallville High Swim Champ Dies of Mysterious Causes (Season 2 episode Redux)
    • The Smallville Ledger
      • The Smallville Ledger: Local Beauty Murdered (Season 3 episode Relic)
  • Quotes-Headlines
    • Smallville High Torch
      • Smallville High Torch: Exclusive: Beloved Teacher or Fugitive Murderer? (Season 3 episode Truth)

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