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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Zoos
    • Bubba's Kutesy Kuddley Petting Zoo
        • Turtle: Remember, RJ, a first impression is a lasting impression.
          RJ: You guys been here a while? I mean, a few weeks... months... a year?
          Pig: Who shot J.R.?
    • Cal's Pony Ride-Along
        • Sign on dusty trailer where little boy disappears. (Season 8 episode Invocation)
    • City Zoo
        • Zoo in Springfield. (Season 8 episode In Marge We Trust) Homer and Bart give the animals at the zoo scuba gear before flooding the city as part of his latest art project. (Season 10 episode Mom and Pop Art)
    • County Zoo
        • Local zoo mentioned on police scanner when the Tanners are looking for ALF (Season 1 episode Wild Thing)
    • Discount Lion Safari
        • The Simpsons decide to make their weekly visits with Abe Simpson more exciting by taking him to a safari. "You'll think you've driven to Africa!" (Season 2 episode Old Money)
    • Doc's Lizard Bowl
        • Zoological Park that Henry Deaver visits, watching a child feed a chicken to an alligator. (Season 1 episode Severance)
    • Garden of the Zoological Society
        • The Garden of the Zoological Society is the zoo where Jeffrey Goines set the animals free.
    • Golden Cages
        • Homer takes the kids to Golden Cages, a showbiz animal retirement home for animals that aren't cute anymore. Sign out front: "Aging Animal House - Visit our Cemetery of Lassies". (Season 17 episode Bart Has Two Mommies)
    • Helmut Werstler's Cruelty Zoo
        • A cartoon by Charlie Brooker in the February 1998 issue of PC Zone caused the magazine to be pulled from the shelves of many British newsagents. The cartoon was titled "Helmut Werstler's Cruelty Zoo" and professed to be an advert for a theme park created by a Teutonic psychologist for children to take out their violent impulses on animals rather than humans. It was accompanied by photoshopped pictures of children smashing the skulls of monkeys with hammers, jumping on a badger with a pitchfork, and chainsawing an orang-utan, among other things.
    • Highway 9 Bird Sanctuary
        • Marge's original vacation choice, before the family overrides her and the The Simpsons go to Itchy & Scratchy Land. (Season 6 episode Itchy & Scratchy Land)
    • Joan Bushwell's Chimp Refugee
        • Chimpanzee rescue organization that the Simpsons encounter while on an African safari in Pepsi presents New Zanzibar, previously known as New Zanzibar, and before that Tanzania. As it turns out, Joan Bushwell is using the chimps as slaves to dig in diamond mines. (Season 12 episode Simpson Safari)
    • The Lisa Simpson Home for Abandoned Animals
        • Bart decides to donate the proceeds from the benefit to raise money for his arm surgey to housing all the animals that Lisa rescued. (Season 18 episode Jazzy and the Pussycats)
    • Marine World
        • Water theme pack featuring Bigger Brothers Day. (Season 4 episode Brother from the Same Planet) Moe and Renee visit on their date. (Season 9 episode Dumbbell Indemnity) After Lisa sets him free, Snorky the dolphin returns for revenge. "No longer educational!" (Season 12 episode Treehouse of Horror XI - segment Night of the Dolphin)
    • Mercer Island Zoo
        • Local zoo that names a new crane after Frasier (Season 5 episode The Zoo Story)
    • Rattlesnake Sanctuary
        • Burns Media empire goons run Homer and the kids off the road while they attempt to deliver the latest edition of Lisa's Red Dress newspaper, sending them crashing into a snake sanctuary. (Season 15 episode Fraudcast News)
    • San Francisco National Dinosaur Preserve and Spotted Owl Sanctuary
        • The sliders find themselves in a dinosaur sanctuary. (Season 2 episode In Dino Veritas)
    • Santa's Village
        • Christmas themed amusement park.
        • Seasonal zoo where Homer takes Bart so he can shoot a deer to stay straight. "See real live reindeer" (Season 8 episode Homer's Phobia)
        • After Homer complains about his family and his unfulfilled dreams on Taxicab Confessions, the Simpsons pack his bag and drive him out to the middle of nowhere, passing the Mental Institution, the Slaughter House and Santa's Village, before finally dropping him off at The Rolling Stones' Rock n' Roll Fantasy Camp. (Season 14 episode How I Spent My Strummer Vacation)
        • When Homer agrees to let Fat Tony film a porno in the Simpson house in order for his football bet debt to be forgiven, he sends Marge and the kids to Santa's Village. In August. "Where it's Christmas every day", "Closed on Christmas" (Season 17 episode Bonfire of the Manatees)
    • Spotted Owl Sanctuary
        • Sanctuary Jay crushes with a tree during his lumberjack experience flashback. (Season 1 episode Uneasy Rider)
    • Springfield Petting Zoo
        • Petting zoo where the Simpsons take Homer's new nerd friends from college. (Season 5 episode Homer Goes to College)
    • Springfield Zoo
        • Animals escape when the Ferris wheel from the Do What You Feel Festival crashes through the front gates. (Season 5 episode Bart's Inner Child) Kent Brockman reports on rhinos escaping from the zoo. (Season 6 episode Two Dozen and One Greyhounds)
    • The Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons
        • Sanctuary for swamp dragons established by the famous swamp dragon breeder, Lady Sybil Ramkin.
    • The Tralmafadorian Zoo
        • The aliens known as Tralfamadorians bring Billy to their planet to exhibit him in a zoo. They also kidnap a 20-year-old actress/porn star named Montana Wildhack so that the two can mate.
    • Uncle Fun Time's Petting Zoo
        • Location of Roy's last birthday party (Season 7 episode Sons and Lovers)
    • Uncle Pat's Petting Farm
        • Michael figures out that there's link between a traveling petting zoo franchise and the virus hot spots. "Nature helps kid nurture" (Season 1 episode Respect Your Purpose)
    • Uncle Willee's Reptile Farm
        • Place where Roy and Claudia go looking for Ishmael. He was there. Uncle Willee offered him a job, but he wouldn't take it. He's afraid of snakes.
    • The Wadsworth Foundation Bird Sanctuary
        • Agnes closes Griddy's Doughnuts to run away with Hazel. In the car, she mentions stopping at the Wadsworth Sanctuary for lunch. Cha-Cha finds a pamphlet at Griddy's with a map. The Wadsworth Sanctuary is located on Wadsworth Road, north of Jack Pine Cove. Other landmarks on the map include the town of Jack Pine Cove, Highway 16, Highway 212, Main Street, Rain Quail B&B, and 104. (Season 1 episode I Heard a Rumor)
    • Wild Animal Kingdom
        • Zoo in Springfield. Born free, then caged (Season 10 episode Marge Simpson in Screaming Yellow Honkers)
    • Zoo
        • The owner of the zoo offers to pay Apu and Manjula's expenses if they move into an exhibit with their octuplets. (Season 11 episode Eight Misbehavin') When Homer becomes Mr. Burns' prank monkey, Mr. Burns makes Homer dress up as a panda. (Season 11 episode Homer vs. Dignity)

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