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What started out as the ultimate compendium of fake businesses and products now contains many new categories that don't fit the original description... but we just can't bring ourselves to change the name.
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  • Juice
    • Bean Juice
        • When Josh can't bring himself to drink the bean juice made from all-beans, Wolf mentions that he may be able to get his hands on some all-nut milk. (Season 2 episode Guess Who's Coming to Lunch)
    • Buffal-O.J.
        • Homer as Connie Appleseed's father requests various buffalo products for breakfast, including buffalo sausage, huevos buffaleros, and some fresh-squeezed buffal-O.J,, from the Singing Hobo's Connie Appleseed story. (Season 12 episode Simpson Tall Tales)
    • Crab Juice
        • Canned beverage served by Khlav Kalash street vendor in New York City. (The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson)
    • Cranberry
        • Economy size package of juice sold at retail warehouse club Monstro Mart. It's crantastic! (Season 5 episode Homer and Apu)
    • Dharma Initiative Apple Cider
        • Dharma branded food product. (episodes Adrift, There's No Place Like Home, Part 2)
    • Dharma Initiative Juice Pouch
        • Dharma branded beverage product. (episode Namaste)
    • Fellip Nectar
        • Aeryn compares Earth beer to fellip nectar. A fellip is a creature from Tarsis. (Season 1 episode A Human Reaction) Crichton mentions while looking for beer. (Season 3 episode …Different Destinations) Bartender mentions to Aeryn. (Season 3 episode The Choice)
    • Garden Blast
        • Juice flavor sold by Seth & Munchie's, Homer's mother's old hippie commune Groovy Grove Natural Farm's juice company, the largest organic juice company in Springfield. (Season 10 episode D'oh-In' in the Wind)
    • Hapi Jus
        • There's a commercial for juice in Bratislava hotel with two topless women fondling each other's breasts.
    • Hasselhoff Cider
        • Beverage served at the Cowboy Skyscraper Buffet, an American themed restaurant in Australia. High alcohol content. (Season 3 episode The Brainy Bunch)
    • Icoberry Juice
        • Drink that Jadzia craves on Risa. She's allergic and it makes her spots itch, but she wants it anyway. (Season 5 episode Let He Who is Without Sin...)
    • Jucius Maximus
        • Grape flavored juice box product sold at Shopwell's, molested by Douche in the stockroom. "Juiced up!"
    • Juice
        • Generic juice product sold at Shopwells, singing during the opening song, visible in the MILF's shopping cart, visible when Frank reveals the truth about the Great Beyond to the whole store on the video camera.
    • Karvino Juice
        • Bashir's prescription for Kira when she's overworked include Karvino juice, Lorvan crackers, a holosuite program, a jumja stick, and gambling tokens. (Season 3 episode Defiant)
    • Kava Juice
        • When Worf's bachelor party ends prematurely, Miles and Julian head to Quarks to eat after fasting for several days. Their order: One steak with mushrooms. Baked potato, sour cream and chives. One double Altair sandwich, no mustard. Two bowls of linguini. Bajoran shrimp with extra cheese. One loaf of mapa bread. And freshly squeezed Kava juice. (Season 6 episode You Are Cordially Invited)
    • Moose Juice
        • Eskimo beverage served to Dan, what Dan nicknames Chateau Bullwinkle. (Season 6 episode Danny's Got His Gun, Part 3)
    • Mt. Swartwelder Apple Cider
        • Gallon jugs Marge brings back from the family's trip to the Mt. Swartwelder Historical Cider Mill. (Season 8 episode Burns, Baby Burns)
    • Orange Drink Mix
        • When Charlie runs out of money, he's forced to buy generic products in bulk, including Toilet Paper, Cheese, Vodka and Orange Drink Mix - which he uses to make a screwdriver for Evelyn. (Season 1 episode I Can't Afford Hyenas)
    • Orange Juice
        • Generic orange juice drink that Syd drinks every morning.
    • Osaka Orangeade Concern
        • Sponsor of the Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show, the TV game show in Japan where the Simpsons win enough money to return home. Also the makers of the dangerous looking, but harmless lava featured in one of the challenges. (Season 10 episode 30 Minutes Over Tokyo)
    • Prospect Foods Orange Juice
        • Prospect Properties provides Tom and Gemma with food drops - cardboard boxes full of Prospect Foods branded products.
    • Rokassa Juice
        • Bashir guesses correctly that Garak is drinking Rokassa Juice, on account of the smell. Garak comments that is soothes his nerves. (Season 2 episode Cardassians)
    • Snail Juice
        • Beverage served at Quark's, from multiple episodes. (Season 4 episodes Bar Association, The Quickening, Season 5 episodes Let He Who is Without Sin..., Business as Usual)
    • Sunny Juice
        • From Sprite TV commercial. "What's wrong with you people? I'm full of sunshiny goodness!", "Don't drink something because a cartoon character tells you to. Obey your thirst. Drink Sprite."
    • Transylvania Goofy Juice
        • Jake's juice box that he keeps leaving on Charlie's piano. (Season 2 episode Big Flappy Bastards) Jake offers 16 year old Prudence a juice box. (Season 1 episode Camel Filters + Pheromones)
    • Trixian Bubble Juice
        • Quark delivers a round of drinks to Sisko's arbitration between two Bajoran factions involved in a land dispute, including two Bajoran synthales, a glass of Gamzian wine and a Trixian Bubble Juice for the little lady, which she proceeds to throw in his face. (Season 1 episode The Storyteller) Quark finds bottles of Aldebaran whiskey and Trixian bubble juice from his private stock in Rom's quarters. (Season 3 episode Prophet Motive)
    • V Inut V Aio
        • Joey drinks expired orange juice. The label is clearly Minute Maid label, but it has been changed into "V inut V aio". (Season 8 episode The One with the Secret Closet)

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