Film 1956. Written by Stanley Kubrick. Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Starring Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Vince Edwards, Jay C. Flippen, Marie Windsor, Ted de Corsia.
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Transit Routes

Total Records: 33 - Medium: FILM
Record Name
1Academy of Chess and Checkers BBBAmusementPool Halls

Academy of Chess and Checkers
Johnny Clay begins the final preparations for the $2 million heist.

2Best SellerBBBSportsRacehorses

Best Seller
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

3Comfort KingBBBSportsRacehorses

Comfort King
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

4Early Streak BBBSportsRacehorses

Early Streak
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

5Fuddy's Baby BBBSportsRacehorses

Fuddy's Baby
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

6I'm Hoping BBBSportsRacehorses

I'm Hoping
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

7Jeffrey's LuggageBBBApparelClothing Stores

Jeffrey's Luggage
Store where Johnny Clay buys the suitcase for the money.

8Little ArnieBBBSportsRacehorses

Little Arnie
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

9Lover's DilemmaBBBSportsRacehorses

Lover's Dilemma
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

10Lucky Arrow BBBSportsRacehorses

Lucky Arrow
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

11Main EntranceBBBSportsRacehorses

Main Entrance
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

12Mr. Jiggs BBBSportsRacehorses

Mr. Jiggs
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

13My BabyBBBSportsRacehorses

My Baby
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

14Purple Shadow BBBSportsRacehorses

Purple Shadow
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

15Red LightningBBBSportsRacehorses

Red Lightning
Horse that Nikki Arcane shoots on the day of the heist.

16Second EndingBBBSportsRacehorses

Second Ending
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

17Seymour's DarlingBBBSportsRacehorses

Seymour's Darling
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

18Southern StarBBBSportsRacehorses

Southern Star
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

19Spanish Sherry BBBSportsRacehorses

Spanish Sherry
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

20Special Capt. BBBSportsRacehorses

Special Capt.
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

21Stanley CageBBBSportsRacehorses

Stanley Cage
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.


Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

23Third RowBBBSportsRacehorses

Third Row
Racehorse at Lansdowne Park.

24White Fire BBBSportsRacehorses

White Fire
Horse that races on the day of the heist.

25September 29, 1956 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents

September 29, 1956
Johnny Clay brings his gang together to plan their upcoming $2 million heist at the Lansdowne racetrack.

26October 2, 1956 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents

October 2, 1956
Tuesday morning. Johnny Clay begins the final preparations for the $2 million heist.

27October 6, 1956 Dates20th Century: 50sEvents

October 6, 1956
Johnny Clay and his gang steal $2 million from Lansdowne Park.

28W. Olive MapTransit RoutesStreets-misc

W. Olive
Address of the apartment where Johnny Clay brings the gang together to plan their $2 million heist at the racetrack.

29George OtherQuotesQuotes

George: I love you, Sherry.

30George & Val OtherQuotesQuotes

George & Val
George: Where's the jerk? Where's George?
Val: The jerk's right here.

31Poodle's name at the airport. OtherTriviaName Game

Poodle's name at the airport.

32Sherry OtherQuotesQuotes

Sherry: It isn't fair. I never had anybody but you. Not a real husband. Not even a man. Just a... bad joke without a punch line.

33Untitled OtherThemesFlatliners 2


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