Film 1985. Written by Kevin Reynolds. Directed by Kevin Reynolds. Starring Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson, Sam Robards, Chuck Bush, Brian Cesak and Suzy Amis.
Source Features: BBB (4) TIMELINE (5)

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1971 - 53 years ago
1May 15, 1971 20th Century: 70sEvents

May 15, 1971
A group of friends at the University of Texas at Austin that call themselves the Groovers celebrate their last days together by going on a roadtrip.

2May 16, 1971 20th Century: 70sEvents

May 16, 1971
When Phil's car runs out of gas, the Groovers lasso a passing train with fence cable attached to the front bumper. When that doesn't work, they push the car to the nearest town.

3May 17, 1971 20th Century: 70sEvents

May 17, 1971
The Groovers sees a sign for a parachute school giving jumping lessons. Gardner cons the hippie-ish instructor Truman Sparks into giving Phil a free lesson. Phil is terrified but goes up into Truman's aircraft. However, he is carrying Truman's dirty laundry instead of a parachute. The boys try desperately to warn him from the ground without success. Fortunately, Phil is able to open the emergency chute on his stomach with much prompting from Truman by walkie-talkie.

4May 18, 1971 20th Century: 70sEvents

May 18, 1971
Gardner calls Debbie, gets her to re-accept her engagement to Kenneth, and arranges for Truman Sparks to fly her from Dallas back to the border town. Meanwhile, Gardner sets up a beautiful wedding for Kenneth and Debbie.

5May 19, 1971 20th Century: 70sEvents

May 19, 1971
Gardner watches the sunrise.

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