Animated Film 2010. Written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud. Starring Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Will Arnett and Julie Andrews.
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Total Records: 30 - Medium: ANIMATED FILM
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1Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Generic bank that Gru passes through to get to the Bank of Evil.

3Bank of Evil BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

Bank of Evil

3Berry Party BBBBeverage ProductsJuice

Berry Party
Juice box.

3The Big Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

The Big Beer
Beer brand.

3Coffee Shop BBBDiningCoffeehouses

Coffee Shop
Generic coffee shop where Gru uses his freeze ray.

3CookieBot BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Cookie robot that Gru sends into Vector's compound.

3CookieBot OS V1.7 BBBComputersSoftware

CookieBot OS V1.7
Operating system for the cookie robots that Gru sends into Vector's compound.

3Dr. Gru BBBHealthcareDentists

Dr. Gru
Gru pretends to be a dentist to adopt the girls.

3Freeze RayBBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Freeze Ray
Gru's supervilliain weapon.

4Herald Times Gazette BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Times

Herald Times Gazette
Newspaper headline: "GRU! VILLAIN OF THE YEAR".

3Miss Hattie's Cookies BBBFood ProductsBaked Goods

Miss Hattie's Cookies
Cookies the girls sell. Available flavors include: Coconutties, Jam Slams, Chocolate Swirlies, Minty Mints, Caramel Clumpies, Toffee Totes and Loopy Lemons.

3Modern Criminal BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Modern Criminal
Newspaper headline: GRU STRIKES AGAIN!

3One Big Unicorn BBBLiteratureBooks

One Big Unicorn
Children's book that Gru writes for the girls.

3Piranha Gun BBBWeaponsGuns

Piranha Gun
Vector's gun that fires live piranhas.

3Pop Soda BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Pop Soda
Soda product.

3The Rascal Chronicles BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Chronicles

The Rascal Chronicles
Newspaper headline: WHAT WILL HE DO NEXT?

3Shrink RayBBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Shrink Ray
Gru's supervilliain weapon.

4Space Killer BBBAmusementAmusement Attractions

Space Killer
Carnival shooting game.

3U Spend It BBBRetailDepartment Stores

U Spend It
Giant department store.

3September 28, 1960 Dates20th Century: 60sBirth Dates

September 28, 1960
Gru born.

3July 20, 1969 Dates20th Century: 60sEvents

July 20, 1969
Gru watches the moon landing.

3May 12, 2012 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

May 12, 2012
Gru is denied a loan from the Bank of Evil.

3May 13, 2012 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

May 13, 2012
Gru adopts Agnes, Edith, and Margo to help him get into Vector's house.

3May 14, 2012 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

May 14, 2012
Gru steals Vector's shrink ray and takes Agnes, Edith, and Margo to an amusement park.

3May 18, 2012 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

May 18, 2012
The girls give the dog a makeover.

3May 26, 2012 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

May 26, 2012
Gru shrinks the Moon and misses the Swan Lake recital but saves Margo, Edith, and Agnes from Vector.

3Miss Hattie's Home for Girls MapResidential CommunitiesOrphanages

Miss Hattie's Home for Girls
Orphanage where the girls live.

3Untitled OtherThemesWolf


4Untitled OtherThemesWolf


5Untitled OtherThemesDark Shadows


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