TV Series 2016. Created by Ben Edlund. Starring Peter Serafinowicz, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Brendan Hines and Jackie Earle Haley.
Source Features: BBB (76) TIMELINE (7) MAP (13) OTHER (31) THEMES (3)

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Total Records: 127 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1A.E.G.I.S. Agent Action Figure BBBToysAction Figures

A.E.G.I.S. Agent Action Figure
Toy available for sale at the A.E.G.I.S. Open House event in The City.

2A.E.G.I.S. Agent Action Figures & Motorc... BBBToysAction Figures

A.E.G.I.S. Agent Action Figures & Motorcycle
Toy available for sale at the A.E.G.I.S. Open House event in The City.

3A.E.G.I.S. and You BBBLiteraturePrinted Matter

A.E.G.I.S. and You
Pamphlet given out at the A.E.G.I.S. Open House event in The City.

4The A.E.G.I.S. Anthem BBBMusicSongs

The A.E.G.I.S. Anthem
Song played on bagpipes.

5A.E.G.I.S. Civilian Surveillance Seminar BBBEventsConventions and Seminars

A.E.G.I.S. Civilian Surveillance Seminar
Seminar advertised at the A.E.G.I.S. Open House.

6A.E.G.I.S. Criminal Database BBBMediaWebsites

A.E.G.I.S. Criminal Database
Database able to be accessed at the re-opened A.E.G.I.S. branch in The City.

7A.E.G.I.S. Intelligence Drone BBBToysAction Figures

A.E.G.I.S. Intelligence Drone
Toy available for sale at the A.E.G.I.S. Open House event in The City.

8A.E.G.I.S. Villain Doppler BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

A.E.G.I.S. Villain Doppler
A.E.G.I.S. device that uses barometric pressure to predict crime patterns.

9Aeron BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Company name on the crate containing Arthur's costume.

10Almond Cloud Almond Milk BBBBeverage ProductsMilk

Almond Cloud Almond Milk
Brand of almond milk in Miss Lint's refrigerator that The Terror drinks. "This is repulsive. You drink this?"

11American National BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

American National
Newspaper clipping on Arthur's obsession wall.

12Bakkup BBBTechnology ProductsRobot Models

Evil killer robot from Urmania introduced as the Urmanian Embassy agent's partner, apparently a "6000 unit". A 9000 series is also mentioned. The Tick's interaction with the robot makes him think he's a robot.

13Brown Tingle Co.BBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

Brown Tingle Co.
Company that sells Brown Tingle Cola, owned by The Terror.

14Brown Tingle Cola BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Brown Tingle Cola
Soft drink product advertised all over The City. Also known as "BTC". Slogan: "I'll have a tingle". It is revealed that the company was actually founded by The Terror, when he returns to take back control.

15Brown Tingle Old School BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Brown Tingle Old School
New product from the Brown Tingle Co., makers of Brown Tingle Cola.

16Brown Tingle Zip BBBBeverage ProductsSoft Drinks

Brown Tingle Zip
New product from the Brown Tingle Co., makers of Brown Tingle Cola.

17Century Waste BBBMaintenance ServicesWaste Management

Century Waste
Local waste management service in the City, truck seen in the background.

18Channel 3 BBBTelevisionTV News

Channel 3
TV station that reports on the Very Large Man.

19Citizens of AmericaBBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Citizens of America
Newspaper, from multiple episodes.

20The City Chronicle BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Chronicles

The City Chronicle
Local newspaper in The City.

21The City Music Fest BBBEventsConcerts

The City Music Fest
Poster on the wall in Arthur's apartment.

22City News BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

City News
Local newspaper in The City.

23The City Times BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Times

The City Times
Local newspaper in The City.

24The Danger Table BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

The Danger Table
Dangerboat's onboard crime lab.


Overkill's A.I., former A.E.G.I.S. vehicle known as X-12.

26Dot-mobile BBBVehiclesMotor Vehicles

The Tick calls Dot's ambulance The Dot-mobile.

27Dr. Paul BBBHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Paul
Arthur's old therapist that his mother invited to Walter's birthday party.

28Dr. Viasco BBBHealthcareTherapy

Dr. Viasco
Outpatient psychiatrist Arthur saw briefly during his sophomore break that his mother invited to Walter's birthday party.

29Edgelord BBBWeaponsGun Stores

Weapons dealer in The City that Miss Lint hires to provide high tech weapons and convert her into superhero Joan of Arc.

30Electro-convection Battle Boots BBBApparelFootwear

Electro-convection Battle Boots
Boots Edgelord offers Miss Lint.

31ESHPN BBBCinemaTV Stations

Superhero TV station, first mentioned by Walter to the Tick at Walter's birthday party. Home of TV show Pearl Before Swine.

32Excelsion Hotel BBBTravelHotels

Excelsion Hotel
Local hotel where Tick, Arthur and Overkill visit Midnight the talking dog.

33First Conglomerate Bank BBBFinancial CompaniesBanks

First Conglomerate Bank
The Tick and Arthur's bank that the Donnelly gang and Lobstercules rob.

34Fishing Dangerously BBBTelevisionTV Shows-Reality

Fishing Dangerously
Reality TV show about fisherman accidentally catching the superhero Mighty Sea-Man, "King of the briny deep".

35Fishladder & Sons Accounting Firm BBBFinancial CompaniesAccounting Services

Fishladder & Sons Accounting Firm
Accounting firm where Arthur works.

36The Flag-5 Benefits Enrollment Guide BBBLiteratureBooks

The Flag-5 Benefits Enrollment Guide
Onboarding packet for new members of the Flag-5.

37The Flag-5 Five-alarm Flagphone BBBTechnology ProductsCommunication Devices

The Flag-5 Five-alarm Flagphone
Communication device used for Flag-5 emergencies.

38The Flag-5 Flock Flare BBBApparelTimepieces

The Flag-5 Flock Flare
The righteous wristwatch signal that calls the team together in times of trial.

39The Flag-5 Super Ship BBBVehiclesAircrafts

The Flag-5 Super Ship
Vehicle mentioned in The Flag-5 Benefits Enrollment Guide.

40FLT Sandwich BBBMenuSandwiches

FLT Sandwich
Face, Lettuce & Tomato sandwich - sheep face, lamb face, sometimes owl, the main menu item served at the Urmanian deli Taste of Urmania! where The Tick and Arthur go looking for Dr. Karamazov.

41Fo-Ham BBBFood ProductsMeat Alternatives

Processed meat product Overkill eats.

42Galaxies Express Sandwiches BBBDiningCafes and Delis

Galaxies Express Sandwiches
Deli in the City.

43Golden Coast Daily News BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Golden Coast Daily News
Newspaper clipping on Arthur's obsession wall.

44Golden Udder Milk BBBBeverage ProductsMilk

Golden Udder Milk
Milk brand that Arthur buys.

45Good Intentions BBBLiteratureBooks

Good Intentions
Book by Onward, the dog from Flag Five, Christian Soldier's partner, that he wrote as a form of therapy.

46Gotham Girls Roller Derby BBBAmusementSkating Rinks

Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Also known as GGRD. Roller derby rink where Arthur's sister Dot rolls.

47Harmony Tribune BBBPeriodicalsNewspaper Tribunes

Harmony Tribune

48Hero Ball BBBSportsSports

Hero Ball
Sport that the Tick mentions: "Where every setback makes the victory that much sweeter."

49The Hero's Lounge BBBDiningCafes and Delis

The Hero's Lounge
Cafeteria at the re-opened A.E.G.I.S. branch in The City, serving particularly good croissants. Available to registered heroes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

50Hot Dish Cook-off BBBEventsFairs and Festivals

Hot Dish Cook-off
Festival Ramses mentions after Overkill doses him with a drug called Sodium Amber Thiesson and he appears to tune into a television or radio broadcast signal.

51Human Furniture BBBHome FurnishingFurniture

Human Furniture
The Duke's new black market business, selling high end luxury items to the ultra elite.

52J&F Meat Market BBBFood StoresButcher Shops

J&F Meat Market
Butcher shop in the City.

53Krav Magannukah BBBGoodsFitness Products

Krav Magannukah
Krav Maga fighting style DVD in Dot's apartment.

54Lei-Lo Motel BBBTravelMotels

Lei-Lo Motel
Volcano-themed motel where Miss Lint sets up her new headquarters.

55Meaty Bagel Special BBBMenuMenu Items

Meaty Bagel Special
Menu item in Goat's convenience store.

56Motz Best BBBFood StoresGrocery Stores

Motz Best
Grocery store in the City.

57Nano-butter BBBFood ProductsCondiments

The "particularly good" croissants served in The Hero's Lounge, the cafeteria at the re-opened A.E.G.I.S. branch in The City, which The Tick calls, "buttery in all the right places", are flavored with high tech nano-butter, which is "like regular butter, but smaller, more advanced."

58Nature's Promise Free Form Young Turkey BBBFood ProductsMeat

Nature's Promise Free Form Young Turkey
Frozen turkey Kevin stole from Arthur's freezer in.

59Olympus All Sports Center BBBAmusementSkating Rinks

Olympus All Sports Center
Home of Arthur's sister Dot's roller derby league. The motto written on the wall is: "Live hard derby harder".

60Pearl Before Swine BBBTelevisionTV Shows

Pearl Before Swine
TV show on TV station ESHPN with host E. Morgan Pearl.

61Pompeii Gardens Pizza BBBDiningPizza Parlors

Pompeii Gardens Pizza
Pizza The Tick and Arthur have delivered.

62Project Achilles BBBWeaponsMiscellaneous Weapons

Project Achilles
The weapons system associated with Arthur's suit that was designed to fight aliens, first mentioned by Overkill.

63Record BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

Local newspaper in the City.

64Richter Landscaping BBBMaintenance ServicesHome Maintenance Services

Richter Landscaping
Clifford Richter's landscaping company, the landscaper who received a radioactive blast and became The Very Large Man, seen during a flashback.

65Romeo's BBBEntertainmentCasinos

Underground gambling den where The Tick and Arthur go looking for Maine fisherman Donny, per intel from the guy with the look at the docks.

66Sacred Mother of Infinite Misery Church BBBReligionChurches

Sacred Mother of Infinite Misery Church
The church above the Terror's hideout.

67Science College BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Science College
Urmanian scientific college that Dr. Karamazov mentions. He and Dr. Nabokov were there together. Dr. Nabokov was his R.A.

68Sodium Amber Thiesson BBBDrugsNarcotics

Sodium Amber Thiesson
The drug that verkill gives to Ramses to make him talk.

69Spider-tank BBBVehiclesCombat Vehicles

The vehicle The Terror was in when he was "killed" by Superian.

70St. Eva Marie Presbyterian Hospital BBBHealthcareHospitals

St. Eva Marie Presbyterian Hospital
Hospital mentioned on a WPKW news report about Clifford Richter, the landscaper who was assaulted in his van and subjected to a radioactive blast before he started growing out of control, eventually becoming the VLM, also known as The Very Large Man.

71The Strong Arm 6000 BBBTechnology ProductsElectronics

The Strong Arm 6000
Device used to test the strength of superheroes at the re-opened A.E.G.I.S. branch in The City.

72Superhero Now BBBPeriodicalsMagazines

Superhero Now
Magazine Miss Lint/Joan of Arc frequently seen reading.

73Taste of Urmania! BBBDiningCafes and Delis

Taste of Urmania!
Urmanian deli where The Tick and Arthur go looking for Dr. Karamazov. The specialty there is the Urmanian national delicacy FLT sandwich. "Facemeat sandwich delicious food".

74ValleyTelegraph BBBMediaWebsites

News website.

75W! BBBTelevisionTV Shows

TV show.

76WPKW News Leader 8 BBBTelevisionTV News

WPKW News Leader 8
TV station with local news program in the The City. Report on the arrest of Cat-Man-Dude, Hoboken's half-man half-cheetah superhero, for a series of mailings outside a local YWCA. Cat-Man claimed he was framed by The Mangler.

77October 7, 1821 Dates19th Century and earlierBirth Dates

October 7, 1821
Augusta Joralemon, wife of Ceo S. Conover, born, per headstone visible during the scene when Dot and Overkill are in the graveyard.

78April 17, 1850 Dates19th Century and earlierDeath Dates

April 17, 1850
Bri Chesler dies, per headstone visible during The Tick's opening monologue.

79June 5, 1852 Dates19th Century and earlierDeath Dates

June 5, 1852
Augusta Joralemon, wife of Ceo S. Conover, dies, per headstone visible during the scene when Dot and Overkill are in the graveyard.

80October 5, 1928 Dates20th Century: 1st HalfBirth Dates

October 5, 1928
Bri Chesler born, per headstone visible during The Tick's opening monologue.

81June 17, 1972 Dates20th Century: 70sDeath Dates

June 17, 1972
J. Christian dies, aged 55 years, per headstone visible during the scene when Dot and Overkill are in the graveyard.

82April 13, 1973 Dates20th Century: 70sDeath Dates

April 13, 1973
G. Harrowitz dies, age 82 years old - per headstone visible during The Tick's opening monologue.

83May 13, 1988 Dates20th Century: 80sDeath Dates

May 13, 1988
M. Dernadski dies, age 44 years old - per headstone visible during The Tick's opening monologue.

84125th Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

125th Street
Street in the City.

8573st Street MapTransit RoutesStreets

73st Street
Address of the Lei-Lo motel.

86Atlantis MapGeographic AreasCountries

Lobstercules reveals to Arthur and The Tick that she used to be a member of the Atlantean Guard from Atlantis.

87Baxter Township Overpass MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

Baxter Township Overpass
Where The Tick and Arthur rescue bus passengers.

88The CityMapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

The City
The Tick and Arthur fight crime in a city called "The City". State not specified.

89The Embassy of Urmania MapStructuresBuildings

The Embassy of Urmania
The Urmanian government's embassy in The City. An agent from the Embassy of Urmania is looking for Dr. Karamazov.

90The Flag-5 Fortress MapStructuresBuildings

The Flag-5 Fortress
The new Flag-5's headquarters.

91The Flag-5 Memorial MapStructuresBuildings

The Flag-5 Memorial
Memorial for crimefighting team killed by The Terror in the City.

92Midtown MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.


93Notlob MapUrban AreasCities-U.S.

City in Illinois. Hometown of Clifford Richter, the landscaper who received a radioactive blast and became The Very Large Man, mentioned during a WPKW news report.

94St Nicholas MapTransit RoutesThoroughfares

St Nicholas
Street in the City.

95Sveltenson Lane MapTransit RoutesLanes

Sveltenson Lane
According to Sonja Snuckteigen's business card, the agent from the Embassy of Urmania that's looking for Dr. Karamazov, the address of the Embassy of Urmania is located on Sveltenson Lane in The City.

96Urmania MapGeographic AreasTerritories

Country where Arthur's flying moth suit was created.

97Arthur's childhood dog's name.OtherTriviaName Game-Animals

Arthur's childhood dog's name.
Princess Puppy

98Big Bismuth OtherMatterElements

Big Bismuth
Radioactive element discovered by Dr. Karamazov, and Superian's weakness, the Tick equivalent of Superman's Kryptonite.

99Blind Eye of Thirdarra OtherArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts

Blind Eye of Thirdarra
Superhero Sage's magical mystical artifact.

100Edgelord OtherQuotesQuotes

Edgelord: Today is the first day of the rest of your life. But now, it's cooler.

101Edgelord OtherQuotesQuotes

Edgelord: I'm Edgelord. I walk between the raindrops.

102Frank OtherQuotesQuotes

Frank: You zapped Albert so hard he lost Tuesday. Like, as a concept.

103Hot Beige OtherMatterColors

Hot Beige
How The Tick describes Arthur's undercover outfit when he gets dressed for Romeo's underground gambling den.

104Joan of Arc & Arthur Everest OtherQuotesQuotes

Joan of Arc & Arthur Everest
Joan of Arc: How do you know I'm not being mind controlled?
Arthur: Because you're an asshole!

105Light Ash OtherMatterColors

Light Ash
Color Walter mentions when looking at paint - he's leaning toward it, but as an exterior paint, it only comes in oil based.

106Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: I've been trained to lock my problems in a mental glacier under a thousand tons of solid mind ice.

107Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: The past is poison. Bury it in the glacier.

108Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: I'm not a genie. I'm an avenging avatar. I am the darkness within the light.

109Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: Welcome to the club. First rule of the club is shut up.

110Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: Welcome to the Club. The first rule of the club is: Shut up.

111Overkill OtherQuotesQuotes

Overkill: Bite me, blue man.

112Pebble Gray OtherMatterColors

Pebble Gray
Color Walter mentions when looking at paint - it's too cold.

113The Pyramid Gang OtherCriminalsGangs

The Pyramid Gang
Ramses' gang that controls all crime in The City, secretly run by The Terror.

114Seagull OtherMatterColors

Color Walter mentions when looking at paint - the one he's going to go with.

115The Shit for Brains Gang OtherCriminalsGangs

The Shit for Brains Gang
The name Miss Lint suggests when the remaining members of The Pyramid Gang tell her they work better with a name.

116The SyndicateOtherCriminalsCriminal Organizations

The Syndicate
Evil organization.

117The Tick & Arthur Everest OtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick & Arthur Everest
The Tick:You know what they say - third time's a charm, chum.
Arthur Everest: Or a strikeout.
The Tick: Arthur, we're not talking about bowling.
Arthur Everest: Baseball.
The Tick: How about hero ball, where every setback makes the victory that much sweeter?

118The Tick OtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick
The Tick: Remember - don't smoke, don't rob and don't kill.

119The Tick OtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick
The Tick: You may be a titan of tensile strength, but today you tussle with the Tick.

120The TickOtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick
The Tick: Goodnight Irene!

121The TickOtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick
The Tick: Yahtzee!

122The Tick OtherQuotesQuotes

The Tick
The Tick: That was an amazing nipple ride. I've never seen a paisley so complex!

123Ty Rathbone OtherQuotesQuotes

Ty Rathbone
Ty Rathbone: Damn you, black hole heart.

124Untitled OtherThemesSolo


125Untitled OtherThemesSin City


126Untitled OtherThemesPleasantville


127Violet Five Point Starfish OtherLiving ThingsFish

Violet Five Point Starfish
What the gang feeds Lobstercules' children.

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