Film 2014. Written by Michael R. Perry. Directed by Marjane Satrapi. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick and Jacki Weaver.
Source Features: BBB (16) TIMELINE (8) MAP (3) OTHER (15) THEMES (2)

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1997 - 27 years ago
1July 9, 1997 20th Century: 90sEvents

July 9, 1997
Jerry's co-workers check out the Tri-State Herald online, reading an article about Jerry.

2013 - 11 years ago
2May 11, 2013 21st Century: 10sDeath Dates

May 11, 2013
Fiona stands Jerry up to go to a karaoke party, but when car won't start, she flags Jerry down as he drives by. While driving her home, Jerry accidentally hits a deer. Jerry's hallucinations show the deer begging him to put it out of its misery. Jerry does as told, using a hunting knife to cut its throat. Terrified, Fiona runs off into the woods. Jerry chases her, still carrying the knife and trying to explain, but ends up tripping over Fiona, and accidentally stabbing her. Jerry tearfully apologizes for hurting her and says that he loves her. To end her pain, Jerry stabs her again, and she dies.

3May 12, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 12, 2013
Jerry retrieves Fiona's body from the woods. When he visits his therapist, she completes a psychological basis question form. That night, he cuts up Fiona's body for disposal. He talks to her severed head, which convinces him to take his medication. When he does, he stops hearing the voices and he doesn't like it.

4May 13, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 13, 2013
Jerry wakes up feeling better, the effect of his medication having worn off. His boss asks him if he has seen Fiona because her car is still in the parking lot.

5May 14, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 14, 2013
Jerry and Lisa from accounting visit David's for a drink after work. Jerry takes her to the house where he grew up and where his mother died. They go back to her place to spend the night.

6May 15, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 15, 2013
After spending the night with her, Jerry wakes up at Lisa's apartment. After work, she makes a surprise visit to his home, where she discovers the mess from when he cut up Fiona's body. And he kills her.

7May 16, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 16, 2013
When Alison doesn't hear from Lisa, she goes over to Jerry's home, where he kills her, and she joins Fiona and Lisa in his refrigerator.

8May 17, 2013 21st Century: 10sEvents

May 17, 2013
Jerry visits his therapist, then kidnaps her. The police come looking for him, but he escapes.

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