TV Series 1963. Created by Sydney Newman, C. E. Webber and Donald Wilson. Starring William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.
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21st Century: 30s and up
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Record Name
1Air AustraliaBBBTransportationAirlines

Air Australia

2Albion HospitalBBBHealthcareHospitals

Albion Hospital

3Amorb Prospecting DivisionBBBCorporationsCompanies

Amorb Prospecting Division
Doctor Who serial Vengeance on Varos.

4Archangel Network BBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

Archangel Network
Mobile phone system broadcasting a subliminal hypnotic message on behalf of Mr Saxon/The Master.

5Auto PlasticsBBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

Auto Plastics
Front for the first Auton invasion in the 1970 Doctor Who serial Spearhead from Space.

6Bad Wolf Corporation BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Bad Wolf Corporation
Owners of the GameStation.

7Bad Wolf TV BBBCinemaTV Stations

Bad Wolf TV

8Bainbridge HospitalBBBHealthcareHospitals

Bainbridge Hospital
Doctor Who Past Doctor Adventures novel Blue Box by Kate Orman.

9Blaidd Dwrg Nuclear Power Plant BBBCorporationsEnergy and Power Companies

Blaidd Dwrg Nuclear Power Plant

10Brigham Elisha Dashwood Laboratory of Al...BBBResearch InstitutesLaboratories

Brigham Elisha Dashwood Laboratory of Alternative Mentalities
From Doctor Who audio drama Minuet in Hell.

11The BrotherhoodBBBOrganizationsSecret Organizations

The Brotherhood
Doctor Who Virgin New Adventures Psi Powers arc.

12Channel 44,000 BBBCinemaTV Stations

Channel 44,000
TV station.

13Coal Hill SchoolBBBEducationHigh Schools

Coal Hill School
Also known as Coal Hill Secondary Modern School, Coal Hill Secondary School, and Coal Hill Academy.

14The Crystal BucephalusBBBDiningRestaurants

The Crystal Bucephalus
Time travel restaurant owned by the Doctor in Missing Adventures novel The Crystal Bucephalus by Craig Hinton.

15Cybus IndustriesBBBCorporationsRobotics Companies

Cybus Industries
Alternate universe creators of the Cybermen.

16Death to MantodeansBBBMediaVideo Games

Death to Mantodeans
Video game the Quevvils used to abduct Humans and make them characters in the game from Doctor Who New Series Adventures novel Winner Takes All.

17Deffry Vale High SchoolBBBEducationHigh Schools

Deffry Vale High School

18Farrell PlasticsBBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

Farrell Plastics
Front for the second Auton invasion in the 1971 Doctor Who serial Terror of the Autons.

19Galatron Mining CorporationBBBCorporationsCompanies

Galatron Mining Corporation
Doctor Who serial Vengeance on Varos.

20Geocomtex BBBCorporationsCommunications Companies

Secretive owners of the Internet that possesses many alien devices.

21H.C. ClementsBBBServicesSecurity Services

H.C. Clements
Security firm in The Runaway Bride.

22Henrick & Son'sBBBRetailStores

Henrick & Son's

23International Electromatics BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

International Electromatics
Electronics company.

24Interplanetary Mining CompanyBBBCorporationsCompanies

Interplanetary Mining Company
Doctor Who serial Colony in Space and the Virgin New Adventure Lucifer Rising.

25LIVE 34BBBTelevisionTV News

Earth Colony 34 news network.

26Magpie ElectricalsBBBIndustrial CompaniesManufacturing

Magpie Electricals

27Origins of the UniverseBBBLiteratureBooks

Origins of the Universe
Book by Oolon Colluphid.

28Pan Universe AirlinesBBBTransportationAirlines

Pan Universe Airlines
Moon to Earth airline.

29The Shadow DirectoryBBBOrganizationsSecret Organizations

The Shadow Directory
Doctor Who Virgin New Adventures Psi-Powers arc.

30Sneed & Company BBBServicesFuneral Homes

Sneed & Company

31Sparrow and Nightingale BBBRetailElectronics Stores

Sparrow and Nightingale
DVD store.

32TARDIS BBBTransportationTime Travel

Time And Relative Dimension In Space. The time machine in which the Doctor travels. TARDIS could change its shape, but was stuck in the form of a British Police call box.

33Tempus FugitBBBDiningRestaurants

Tempus Fugit
Alien restaurant owned by the Doctor in the Doctor Who Virgin Missing Adventures novel The Crystal Bucephalus by Craig Hinton.

34The Torchwood InstituteBBBResearch InstitutesInstitutes

The Torchwood Institute

35Weyland-Yutani BBBCorporationsCompanies

Logo visible on a communications device in the governor's office.

36The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallif...BBBLiteratureBooks

The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey
Book by Rassilon.

37November 21, 2059 Dates21st Century: 30s and upEvents

November 21, 2059
The Tenth Doctor visits humanity's first Martian colony, Bowie Base One at a fixed point in time - the day that the base will explode, killing the entire crew, many of which are in a zombie-like state, having been infected is by the intelligent virus.

38GallifreyMapOuter SpacePlanets

The planet that our Time Lord, Doctor Who, came from.

39Planet One MapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet One
Amy Pond and The Doctor visit a jungle planet called Planet One.

40Satellite 5MapOuter SpaceSpace Stations

Satellite 5
Large manned broadcasting space station base.

41After his trip through the TimeLash, whi...OtherTriviaQuestions

After his trip through the TimeLash, which mythical Earth beast did the Doctor appear to become?
The Loch Ness Monster
A Roswell Alien

42The Celestial Toymaker makes the Doctor ...OtherTriviaQuestions

The Celestial Toymaker makes the Doctor play what game?
The DiLogic Game
The TriLogic Game
The MonoLogic Game

43Dalek casings are called.OtherTriviaQuestions

Dalek casings are called.
Mark III travel machines
Mark VII transporters
Mark IX entropic annihilators


Ancient vampires encased in metal
Genetically engineered mutants

45The Doctor OtherQuotesQuotes

The Doctor
The Doctor: The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.

46The Doctor.OtherTriviaQuestions

The Doctor.
Time Lord
Time King
Time Zaar

47How does Mel avoid being destroyed in on...OtherTriviaQuestions

How does Mel avoid being destroyed in one of the Rani's bouncing bombs?
It lands on water.
She teleports away from it.
Her screams deactivate it.

48In what U.S. city is the movie set? OtherTriviaQuestions

In what U.S. city is the movie set?
San Francisco
New York
Los Angeles

49Mythical wizard's name that the inhabita... OtherTriviaName Game

Mythical wizard's name that the inhabitants of the other dimension believe the Doctor to be.
The Wizard Of Oz

50The opera that Grace is watching when sh...OtherTriviaQuestions

The opera that Grace is watching when she's called to operate on the Doctor?
La Boheme
Marriage Of Figaro
Madam Butterfly

51Peri studied what?OtherTriviaQuestions

Peri studied what?
Marine Biology

52Untitled OtherThemesGLOW


53Untitled OtherThemesShield, The


54Untitled OtherThemesSolo


55Untitled OtherThemesDiff|rent Strokes


56What book is the Seventh Doctor reading ... OtherTriviaQuestions

What book is the Seventh Doctor reading when the movie starts?
The Invisible Man
The War Of The Worlds
The Time Machine

57What color were the Axons when they firs...OtherTriviaQuestions

What color were the Axons when they first appeared to man?

58What did the Doctor take from the Police... OtherTriviaQuestions

What did the Doctor take from the Policeman he fights in the sewer entrance?
His Gun
His Truncheon
His Helmet

59What gift did the Time Lords bestow on T... OtherTriviaQuestions

What gift did the Time Lords bestow on The Doctor after he stops the menace of Omega?
A New Smoking Jacket, and a cloak
A New Dematerialisation Circuit, and the Codes
A New Assistant

60What historical event does the Doctor ha... OtherTriviaQuestions

What historical event does the Doctor have a hand in starting?
The Beheading of Mary Queen of Scots
The English Civil War
The Great Fire of London

61What is Bruce's occupation? OtherTriviaQuestions

What is Bruce's occupation?

62What is the Doctor's true name?OtherTriviaName Game

What is the Doctor's true name?
It cannot be told.
It cannot be remembered.
It cannot be pronounced.

63What is the name of Captain Wrack's ship... OtherTriviaName Game

What is the name of Captain Wrack's ship?
The Shadow
The Saucy Mare
The Black Pig

64What is the name of the 50's holiday cam... OtherTriviaName Game

What is the name of the 50's holiday camp?
The Lost World
The Shady Palm
Shangri La

65What is the name of the planet where Sil...OtherTriviaName Game

What is the name of the planet where Sil comes from?
Omicron III
Thoros Beta

66What was the name of the final story to ...OtherTriviaName Game

What was the name of the final story to feature William Hartnell regularly as The Doctor?
The Eighth Planet
The Ninth Planet
The Tenth Planet

67What's the Stellar Manipulator's nicknam... OtherTriviaName Game

What's the Stellar Manipulator's nickname?
The Mind of Alpha
The Hand of Omega
The Brain of Zeta

68When the Doctor takes the clothes from t...OtherTriviaQuestions

When the Doctor takes the clothes from the orderlies locker, which famous American gunslinger was at the party?
Wild Bill Hickock
Wyatt Earp
Jessie James

69Where is Reverend Matthews sent? OtherTriviaQuestions

Where is Reverend Matthews sent?

70Where was Victoria said to be during the...OtherTriviaQuestions

Where was Victoria said to be during the Second Doctor's encounter with The Sixth Doctor?
At the Library
At the Beach
In the Bath

71Which of the Fifth Doctors assistants de...OtherTriviaQuestions

Which of the Fifth Doctors assistants described herself as "Just a Mouth on Legs"?

72Which race executes the Master? OtherTriviaQuestions

Which race executes the Master?
The Autons
The Cybermen
The Daleks

73Which Second Doctor story takes place on... OtherTriviaQuestions

Which Second Doctor story takes place on the planet Vulcan?
The Evil Of The Daleks
The Power Of The Daleks
The Ice Warriors

74Who was killed when the Doctor's compani...OtherTriviaQuestions

Who was killed when the Doctor's companions threw Cocktail Polly on them?
The Yeti
The Daleks
The Cybermen

75Who was responsible for Adric's death?OtherTriviaQuestions

Who was responsible for Adric's death?
The Daleks
The Terrileptiles
The Cybermen

76Who was the first member of the Doctor's...OtherTriviaQuestions

Who was the first member of the Doctor's race seen on screen, screen other than the TARDIS crew?
The Monk
The Rani
The Master

77Who was the psychopathic, candy-obsessed...OtherTriviaQuestions

Who was the psychopathic, candy-obsessed android Kandyman's boss?
Susie Q
Helen A
Daisy K

78Whose robes is the Valeyard wearing when... OtherTriviaQuestions

Whose robes is the Valeyard wearing when escaping?
The Keeper
Gold Usher
The President

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