TV Series 2015. Created by Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf. Starring Alex Anfanger, Lenny Jacobson, Jon Bass, Kathy Baker, Stephen Tobolowsky, Ben Stiller, Michael Madsen, Cuba Gooding Jr and Keith David.
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Total Records: 31 - Medium: TV SERIES
Record Name
1Addiction AnonymousBBBHealthcareSupport Groups

Addiction Anonymous
When the guys decide to tell their mother they need money because one of them is addicted to drugs, they attend an Addiction Anonymous meeting to get ideas.

2American Beer BBBBeverage ProductsBeer

American Beer
Seen next to movie script.

3Bad Cops Worse Cops 2 BBBCinemaMovies-Action

Bad Cops Worse Cops 2
One of the movie posters for a video the guys made that's hanging up in their bedroom.

4Big Deal Mart BBBRetailDepartment Stores

Big Deal Mart
Where Del works. Also where Jack is shown working in during fantasy sequence when Ben thinks he's reading a letter from him.

5Blind for Life BBBCinemaMovies

Blind for Life
One of the movie posters for a video the guys made that's hanging up in their bedroom. Tagline: He battled blindness... for life.

6Channel 8 BBBTelevisionTV-News

Channel 8
TV station with local news program that interviews Jack and Ben about their new movie with Cuba Gooding Jr.

7Cindy's Restaurant BBBDiningRestaurants-Misc

Cindy's Restaurant
Where the guys go for lunch.

8Dolfe Brother Studios BBBMedia CompaniesFilm Production Companies

Dolfe Brother Studios
New name for Jack and Ben's movie making company after Ben leaves.

9Dolfe Brothers StudiosBBBMedia CompaniesFilm Production Companies

Dolfe Brothers Studios
Jack and Ben's movie making company.

10Fisherman's Seafood BBBDiningRestaurants-Seafood

Fisherman's Seafood
Restaurant where Ben and Jack's dad gets into a fight with a guy that cuts in line in front of him.

11Flamingo Rapids BBBAmusementAmusement Parks

Flamingo Rapids
Del mentions.

12Flix Starter BBBMediaWebsites

Flix Starter
Crowd funding website Jack turns to in order to make his next movie.

13Globocore BBBCorporationsTechnology Companies

Corporation from Ben and Jack's Monkey Largo movie with Cuba Gooding Jr.

14Hand Shake Auto BBBVehiclesVehicle Dealerships

Hand Shake Auto
Where Jack's dad goes to look for a car for Jack.

15Hannidel BBBCinemaMovies-Horror

Movie posters for one of the videos the guys made starring Del as Hannibal Lector.

16Harvey Scoles P.I. BBBServicesPrivate Investigation

Harvey Scoles P.I.
The private investigator the guys' mother calls to follow Del.

17The Land Before Crime BBBCinemaMovies-Crime

The Land Before Crime
One of the movie posters for a video the guys made that's hanging up in their bedroom.

18Lawffice BBBLegal AidLaw Firms

Where Ben claims to work, but he really works at a porn theater cleaning the restrooms.

19Luxury 22 Real Estate BBBServicesRealty Services

Luxury 22 Real Estate

20Monkey Largo BBBCinemaMovies

Monkey Largo
The movie Ben and Jack write for Cuba Gooding Jr.

21Park Motel BBBTravelMotels

Park Motel
Where Harvey shoots himself.

22Pinhead Gunpowder BBBCinemaMovies-Action

Pinhead Gunpowder
Movie poster on the wall in the guys bedroom.

23Playpen BBBPeriodicalsAdult Magazines

Nudie mags in Harvey Scoles' office.

24South Florida Sunshine Daily BBBPeriodicalsNewspapers

South Florida Sunshine Daily

25Sunnyside Rehabilitation BBBHealthcareDrug Rehabilitation

Sunnyside Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation center where Ben is sent.

26To Catch a Paparazzi BBBTelevisionTV Shows-misc

To Catch a Paparazzi
The name of the show pitched to Cuba Gooding Jr.

27To Catch a Prick BBBTelevisionTV Shows-misc

To Catch a Prick
Harvey's joke idea for a show.

28Union BBBEntertainmentMovie Theaters

The porn theater where Ben gets job as janitor.

29Winslow Tachet State Attorney BBBLegal AidLawyers

Winslow Tachet State Attorney
Where Ben applies for a job: "I don't have a resume, but I did just graduate from rehab."

30November 26, 2015 Dates21st Century: 10sEvents

November 26, 2015
Jack and Ben's anger and frustration with each other comes to a head during Thanksgiving dinner at their parents' house, where they get into a physical altercation, destroying the holiday feast and damaging their parents' house.

31Untitled OtherThemesSin City


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