TV Series 1965. Created by Irwin Allen. Starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Angela Cartwright, Billy Mumy and Jonathan Harris.
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Total Records: 17 - Medium: TV SERIES
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1Camdo Canyon School of Science BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Camdo Canyon School of Science
School from which Dr. John Robinson's son Will recently graduated.

2Center for Radio Astronomy BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

Center for Radio Astronomy
Institute where the Robinson's assistant Dr. Donald West was a graduate student.

3Gemini 12 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Gemini 12
Spacecraft carrying the Robinson family on their journey into deep space. "The culmination of nearly 40 years of intensive research and the most sophisticated piece of hardware yet devised by the mind of man."

4Jupiter 2 BBBVehiclesSpacecrafts

Jupiter 2
Spacecraft carrying the Robinson family on their journey into deep space, changed from Gemini 2 in the Pilot.

5Miss Galaxy BBBEventsBeauty Pageants

Miss Galaxy
The space traveling showman Farnum B. returns seeking contestants for a Miss Galaxy pageant and sets his sights on Judy when his mysterious sponsor demands she enter.

6New Mexico College of Space Medicine BBBEducationMedical Schools

New Mexico College of Space Medicine
College where Dr. John Robinson's wife Dr. Maureen Robinson was a biochemist.

7University of Stellar Dynamics BBBEducationSchools-Science/Technology

University of Stellar Dynamics
University where John Robinson was Professor of Astrophysics.

8October 16, 1997 Dates20th Century: 90sEvents

October 16, 1997
The Robinson family heads out into deep space aboard the Gemini 12 spaceship, determined by Alpha Control to to have either been destroyed or presumed lost in space.

3December 3, 2001 Dates21st Century: 00sJournal Entries

December 3, 2001
Date of Dr. John Robinson's journal entry, written six months since landing on an unknown planet.

3December 5, 2001 Dates21st Century: 00sJournal Entries

December 5, 2001
Date of Dr. John Robinson journal entry regarding recent events, including lightning bolts, an earthquake and the strange signs of civilization they discovered.

3December 8, 2001 Dates21st Century: 00sJournal Entries

December 8, 2001
Date of Dr. John Robinson journal entry about the recent dangers they've faced.

3Cerberus MapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet Will mentions when Penny asks where they are.

4Quadrant SixMapOuter SpaceRegions of Space

Quadrant Six

5Dr. SmithOtherQuotesQuotes

Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith: Yours not to question why, yours to do as I say or die.

6Dr. SmithOtherQuotesQuotes

Dr. Smith
Dr. Smith: Never fear, Smith is here.

7Robinson family daughter Penny's IQ. OtherTriviaQuestions

Robinson family daughter Penny's IQ.


Robot: Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

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