Film 1994. Written by John Waters. Directed by John Waters. Starring Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, Suzanne Somers.
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1972 - 52 years ago
1December 14, 1972 20th Century: 70sBirth Dates

December 14, 1972
Beverly Sutphin's son Chip's friend Scotty Barnhill born.

1989 - 35 years ago
2January 18, 1989 20th Century: 80sEvents

January 18, 1989
Serial killer Ted Bundy records a message to Beverly Sutphin late at night, six days before his execution on January 24.

1993 - 31 years ago
3February 5, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

February 5, 1993
According to police detectives, Beverly bought several true crime books at the Browse and Learn Book Shop that they found in the family's trash, per her Mastercard record, including Urge to Kill, Mass Murder in Houston, Helter Skelter and Hunting Humans that the police detectives find in her trash.

4May 14, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

May 14, 1993
After meeting with Chip's math teacher Mr. Stubbins, Beverly Sutphin runs him over and kills him in the high school parking lot for complaining about Chip's unhealthy obsession with horror movies.

5May 15, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

May 15, 1993
Saturday. Beverly Sutphin murders three people. First, she stabs her daughter Misty's boyfriend Carl Pageant in the men's room at the Antique Traders Mart with an antique fire poker for blowing Misty off. Then, she murders Ralph and Betty Sterner for Ralph calling Eugene to treat his toothache, interrupting Beverly and Eugene's birdwatching plans - stabbing Betty scissors, and dropping a window air conditioning unit on Ralph.

6May 16, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

May 16, 1993
Sunday. Beverly Sutphin murders two people. First, she bashes Emma Lou Jenson with a leg of lamb for not rewinding Ghost Dad. Then she sets her son Chip's friend Scotty on fire for not wearing his seatbelt - and witnessing her murder earlier that day.

7October 4, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

October 4, 1993
Monday. Beverly Sutphin's trial begins. She fires her lawyer Herbie Hebdenm choosing to represent herself.

8October 5, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

October 5, 1993
Tuesday. Beverly Sutphin represents herself in her murder trial, doing a damn good job.

9October 7, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

October 7, 1993
Thursday. Beverly Sutphin found not guilty, cleared of all murder charges. After the trial, she murders Juror #8 with a payphone for wearing white shoes after Labor Day.

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