Comic Books 1963. Published by Marvel Comics.
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2Xavier Institute for Higher LearningBBBEducationHigher Education

Xavier Institute for Higher Learning
Formerly known as Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

3Xavier's School for Gifted YoungstersBBBEducationBoarding Schools

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

4Angel's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Angel's real name.
Warren Kenneth Worthington III
Kevin Sydney
Robert Louis Drake

5Beast's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Beast's real name.
Kurt Wagner
Henry McCoy
John Proudstar

6Brotherhood of Evil MutantsOtherCriminalsCriminal Organizations

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

7Cyclops' real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Cyclops' real name.
Henry Philip McCoy
Scott Summers
Robert Louis Drake

8Darwin's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Darwin's real name.
Armando Munoz
Kurt Wagner
Gabriel Summers

9Dazzler's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Dazzler's real name.
Alison Blaire
Miranda Leevald
Anna-Marie LeBeau

10Gambit's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Gambit's real name.
Sean Cassidy
Remy Etienne LeBeau
Kurt Wagner

11Iceman's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Iceman's real name.
Scott Summers
Robert Louis Drake
Henry Philip McCoy

12Jean Grey's middle name.OtherTriviaName Game

Jean Grey's middle name.

13Juggernaut's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Juggernaut's real name.
Cain Marko
Davis Cameron
Victor Creed

14Mimic's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Mimic's real name.
Tyrone Johnson
Kevin Sydney
Calvin Montgomery Rankin

15Nightcrawler's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Nightcrawler's real name.
John Proudstar
Kurt Wagner
James Howlett

16Professor X / Charles Xavier's middle na... OtherTriviaName Game

Professor X / Charles Xavier's middle name.

17Storm's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Storm's real name.
Suzanne Chan
Ororo Munroe
Lorna Sally Dane

18Untitled OtherThemesPleasantville


19Vulcan's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Vulcan's real name.
Gabriel Summers
Armando Munoz
Kurt Wagner


Wolverine: Screw the Philosophy, let's kick some ass!

21Wolverine's real name.OtherTriviaName Game

Wolverine's real name.
James Howlett
John Proudstar
Kurt Wagner

22X-Men OtherThemesWall v2, The


23X-Women OtherThemesWall v2, The


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