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1Bellis the Fornit QuotesQuotes

Bellis the Fornit
Bellis the Fornit: You may wonder about long-term solutions. I assure you there are none. All wounds are mortal. Take what's given. You sometimes get a little slack in the rope but the rope always has an end. So what. Bless the slack and don't waste breath cursing the drop. A grateful heart knows that in the end we all swing.

2David Drayton QuotesQuotes

David Drayton
David Drayton: Having spoken, the doomsayer departs.

3David Drayton QuotesQuotes

David Drayton
David Drayton: The Bridgton Pharmacy was a crazy shambles. Paperbacks and magazines were everywhere. There was a Spider-Man comic and an Incredible Hulk almost at my feet, and without thinking, I picked them up and jammed them into my pocket for Billy.

4David Drayton & Ollie Weeks QuotesQuotes

David Drayton & Ollie Weeks
David Drayton: Ollie, let's go. And thank you.
Ollie Weeks: I killer her. Damn if I didn't kill her.
David Drayton: Yes. That's why I thanked you.
Ollie Weeks: I wouldn't have shot her, David. Not if there had been any other way.
David Drayton: Yeah.
Ollie Weeks: You believe it?
David Drayton: Yeah, I do.
Ollie Weeks: Then let's go.

5Fornit Living ThingsAnimals

Luck elves that lived in author Reg Thorpe's typewriter.

6Fornus MatterSubstances

Good-luck dust that Fornits provide, the luck elves that lived in author Reg Thorpe's typewriter.

7Garrish QuotesQuotes

Garrish: You either ate the world or the world ate you and it was okay either way.

8Garrish QuotesQuotes

Garrish: God made the world in his image, and if you don't eat the world, the world eats you.

9George Bruckner QuotesQuotes

George Bruckner
George Bruckner: God isn't the only one that plays dirty.

10Henry Wilson QuotesQuotes

Henry Wilson
Henry Wilson (The Editor): Madness has to start somewhere. If this story's about anything - if events in own's life can ever be said to be about anything - then this is a story about the Genesis of insanity. Madness has to start somewhere, and it has to go somewhere. Like a road. Or a bullet from the barrel of a gun.

11Homer Buckland QuotesQuotes

Homer Buckland
Homer Buckland: There's a difference between having your leg pulled and getting it shook like a damn apple tree.

12Jahoobies LanguageSexual Jargon

Rocky's slang for breasts.

13Mrs. Carmody QuotesQuotes

Mrs. Carmody
Mrs. Carmody: Expiation! It's expiation we want to think about now! We have been scourged with whips and scorpions! We have been punished for delving into secrets forbidden by God of old! We have seen the obscenities of nightmare! The rock will not hide them, the dead tree gives no shelter! And how will it end? What will stop it?

14Narrator QuotesQuotes

Narrator: "No, I'm going to do it," Deke said, going for his coat, and with a mixture of dismay and excitement, Randy noted Deke's grin-reckless and a little crazy. The two of them had been rooming together for three years now-the Jock and the Brain, Cisco and Pancho, Batman and Robin-and Randy recognized that grin. Deke wasn't kidding, he meant to do it. In his head, he was already halfway there.

15Narrator QuotesQuotes

Narrator: LaVerne's panties were almost as transparent as her bra, the delta of her sex sculpted neatly in silk, each buttock a taut crescent.

16Narrator QuotesQuotes

Narrator: I turned around. It was one of the truckers from the booth. He had blond stubble on his chin and there was a wooden kitchen match poking out of his mouth. He smelled of engine oil and looked like something out of a Steve Ditko drawing.

17Operation Straw PlansOperations

Operation Straw
Name for the first waterlift from the Martian ice-caps around 2045.

18Reg Thorpe QuotesQuotes

Reg Thorpe
Reg Thorpe: Fornit Some Fornus.

19Richard Hagstrom QuotesQuotes

Richard Hagstrom
Richard Hagstrom: I'm not going to kill him. I'm going to "delete" him.

20Richard Pine QuotesQuotes

Richard Pine
Richard Pine: They say you are what you eat, and if so, I haven't changed a bit.

21Rudy Foggia QuotesQuotes

Rudy Foggia
Rudy Foggia: It's eternity in there.

22Shapiro & Rand QuotesQuotes

Shapiro & Rand
Shapiro: What's this place like? Where's the ocean at the end of the fucking beach? Where's the lakes? Where's the nearest greenbelt? Which direction? Where does the beach end?
Rand: End? Oh. I grok you. It never ends. No greenbelts, no ice caps. No oceans. This is a beach in search of an ocean, mate. Dunes and dunes and dunes, and they never end.

23Spike Milligan CriminalsSerial Killers

Spike Milligan
Milkman / serial killer.

24The Spoon Torture of the Heathen Chinee MiscellaneousTechniques

The Spoon Torture of the Heathen Chinee
George's older brother Buddy's torture technique - he sat on top of him with a knee on each of George's shoulders and tapped a spoon in the middle of George's forehead until he about went crazy.

25Untitled ThemesSolo


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