Animated Series 1989. Created by Matt Groening. Starring Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer, Tress MacNeille, Pamela Hayden, Maggie Roswell, Russi Taylor, Marcia Wallace, Marcia Mitzman Gaven, Karl Wiedergott, Albert Brooks, Phil Hartman, Jon Lovitz, Joe Mantegna and Kelsey Grammer.
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1The 38th Annual Springfield Showbiz Awar... RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
265th Annual Springfield Pride Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
3Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
4Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
5Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
6Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
7Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
8Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
9Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
10Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
11Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
12Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
13Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
14Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
15Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
16Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
17Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
18Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
19Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
20Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
21Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
22Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
23Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
24Abe Simpson & Dr. HibbertQuotesQuotes
25The Aberdeen Strangler CriminalsSerial Killers
26Achy-breaky Pelvis Medical ConditionsConditions
27Adolph Hitler QuotesQuotes
28The Adult Video Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
29The Albany Ham Scam MiscellaneousScams
30Alex Whitney QuotesQuotes
31Amber DempseyQuotesQuotes
32America Balls RecipesFood Recipes
33Amoria Phlebitis Medical ConditionsConditions
34Andy Warhol QuotesQuotes
35Announcer QuotesQuotes
36Annual Cartoon Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
37Application 27R Santa Clause MiscellaneousForms
38Apu QuotesQuotes
39Apu QuotesQuotes
43Apu QuotesQuotes
44Apu QuotesQuotes
45Apu QuotesQuotes
46Apu ThemesMouth of Madness
47Apu & Elton John QuotesQuotes
48Apu & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
49Apu & Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
50Apu-D2 QuotesQuotes
51Apu's Vegetarian Chili RecipesFood Recipes
52Aqua Parrot Living ThingsAnimals
53Armadillo a La Road RecipesFood Recipes
54Assault Weapon Magazine Man of the Year ... RecognitionAwards
55Auntie Ovenfresh QuotesQuotes
56Austrian Music Award for Outstanding Com... RecognitionAwards
57Austrian Music Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
58Baby Button-Eyes CriminalsSerial Killers
59The Babysitter Bandit CriminalsSerial Killers
60Barney GumbleQuotesQuotes
61Barney GumbleQuotesQuotes
62Barney GumbleQuotesQuotes
63Barney Gumble QuotesQuotes
64Barney Gumble QuotesQuotes
65Bart and Lisa discover that Snowball II ... TriviaName Game
66Bart Bucks MoneyCurrency
67Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
68Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
69Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
70Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
71Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
72Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
73Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
74Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
75Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
76Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
77Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
78Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
79Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
80Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
81Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
82Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
83Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
84Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
85Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
86Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
87Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
88Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
89Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
90Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
91Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
92Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
93Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
94Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
95Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
96Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
97Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
98Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
99Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
100Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
101Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
102Bart Simpson & Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
103Bart Simpson & Abe SimpsonQuotesQuotes
104Bart Simpson & Ballet Teacher QuotesQuotes
105Bart Simpson & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
106Bart Simpson & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
107Bart Simpson & Hippie Hulk QuotesQuotes
108Bart Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
109Bart Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
110Bart Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
111Bart Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
112Bart Simpson & Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
113Bart Simpson & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
114Bart Simpson & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
115Bart Simpson & MilhouseQuotesQuotes
116Bart Simpson & MilhouseQuotesQuotes
117Bart Simpson & Milhouse QuotesQuotes
118Bart Simpson & Milo QuotesQuotes
119Bart Simpson & Mrs. Krabappel QuotesQuotes
120Bart Simpson & Mrs. Krabappel QuotesQuotes
121Bart Simpson & Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
122Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson, Marge Sim... QuotesQuotes
123Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpso... QuotesQuotes
124Bart Simpson, Leonard Nimoy & Hotdog Ven... QuotesQuotes
125Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson & Homer Simps... QuotesQuotes
127Bart's character's name when the kids pl... TriviaName Game
128Bart's evil Siamese twin. TriviaQuestions
129Bart's frog's name. TriviaName Game
130Bart's full name.TriviaName Game
131Bart's jazz nickname. TriviaName Game
132Batman & Robin QuotesQuotes
133Batman, Clownface & Robin QuotesQuotes
134Bedtime Krusty QuotesQuotes
135Bee Measles Medical ConditionsConditions
136Beef-O-Ghetti RecipesFood Recipes
137Bender QuotesQuotes
138Best Film-to-video Transfer RecognitionAwards
139Best Supporting Performer in a Children'... RecognitionAwards
140Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con Announcer QuotesQuotes
141Biggest People Pleaser RecognitionAwards
142Bill Clinton QuotesQuotes
143Bill Gates QuotesQuotes
144Birch BarlowQuotesQuotes
145The Black Orchid Gang CriminalsGangs
146Bleeding Gums MurphyQuotesQuotes
147Bleeding Gums Murphy, Mufasa & Darth Vad... QuotesQuotes
148Blood Type Double O Negative MiscellaneousBlood Types
149Bolivian Tree Lizard Living ThingsAnimals
150Bonus Eruptus Medical ConditionsConditions
151Branch Monster Living ThingsAnimals
153The Brillstein Grab MiscellaneousScams
154Bully of the Year RecognitionAwards
155Bumblebee ManQuotesQuotes
157Burly Paper Towels model's real name. TriviaName Game
158Butterscotch Chicken RecipesFood Recipes
159Cadet Larsen & LisaQuotesQuotes
160California Cheeseburger RecipesBurger Recipes
161Canine-Human Mindmeld MiscellaneousTechniques-Psychology
162Carbonite MatterSubstances
163Career Aptitude Normalizing Test MiscellaneousEvaluations
164Carl QuotesQuotes
165Carl & Lenny QuotesQuotes
166Carla Tortelli & Sam Malone QuotesQuotes
167Carne De Burro RecipesFood Recipes
168Casseloaf RecipesFood Recipes
170Cecil Terwilliger QuotesQuotes
171The Cheery Red Tomatoes' Mock Apple Pie RecipesFood Recipes
172Chester A. Arthritis Medical ConditionsConditions
173Chief WiggumQuotesQuotes
174Chief WiggumQuotesQuotes
175Chief WiggumQuotesQuotes
176Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
177Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
178Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
179Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
180Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
181Chief Wiggum QuotesQuotes
182Chief Wiggum & Dr. Colossus QuotesQuotes
183Chief Wiggum, Louie & Johnny Tightlips QuotesQuotes
184Chinese Needle Snakes Living ThingsAnimals
187Cletus & BrandineQuotesQuotes
188Climactic Poopow Medical ConditionsConditions
189Clownface QuotesQuotes
190Clownface & Batman QuotesQuotes
191Coach Krupt QuotesQuotes
192Coach Krupt QuotesQuotes
193Coach Krupt QuotesQuotes
194The Cobras CriminalsGangs
195The Collector QuotesQuotes
196The Collector QuotesQuotes
197The Collector QuotesQuotes
198Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
199Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
200Comic Book GuyQuotesQuotes
201Comic Book GuyQuotesQuotes
202Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
203Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
204Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
205Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
206Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
207Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
208Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
209Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
210Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
211Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
212Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
213Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
214Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
215Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
216Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
217Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
218Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
219Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
220Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
221Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
222Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
223Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
224Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
225Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
226Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
227Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
228Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
229Comic Book Guy & Dry Cleaner QuotesQuotes
230Comic Book Guy & Martin Prince QuotesQuotes
231Comic Book Guy & Otto Mann QuotesQuotes
232Comic Book Guy's real name. TriviaName Game
233Condor Egg Omelettes RecipesFood Recipes
234Cooties Medical ConditionsDiseases
235Crackleberry Living ThingsPlants
236Crap Weeds Living ThingsPlants
237Crayola Oblongata Medical ConditionsMedical Procedures
238Crotch Dot Medical ConditionsConditions
239The Cue Ball Killer CriminalsSerial Killers
240The Daily Mail QuotesQuotes
241Dandy Fever Medical ConditionsConditions
242Dark Stanley CriminalsSerial Killers
243Dessert Dogs RecipesDessert Recipes
244Detective BrodkaQuotesQuotes
245The Devil QuotesQuotes
246Dewback Living ThingsAnimals
247Dingamagoo RecipesFood Recipes
248Dinkie RecipesFood Recipes
249Dogcat Living ThingsAnimals
250Dog's name that lives at the Groovy Grov... TriviaName Game-Animals
251Double Bacon Genius Burger RecipesBurger Recipes
252DQAT MiscellaneousEvaluations
253Dr. Foster QuotesQuotes
254Dr. HibbertQuotesQuotes
255Dr. HibbertQuotesQuotes
256Dr. HibbertQuotesQuotes
257Dr. Hibbert QuotesQuotes
258Dr. Hibbert's purebred poodle that mates... TriviaQuestions
259Dr. J. Loren PryorQuotesQuotes
260Dr. Julius Hibbert & Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
261Dr. Nick QuotesQuotes
262Dr. Nick RivieraQuotesQuotes
263Dr. Nick RivieraQuotesQuotes
264Dr. Nick RivieraQuotesQuotes
265Dr. Nick Riviera & Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
266Dr. Octopus Impersonator QuotesQuotes
267Dr. Phil QuotesQuotes
268Dragon Living ThingsAnimals
269Drederick TatumQuotesQuotes
270Drederick TatumQuotesQuotes
271Dropsy Medical ConditionsConditions
272Duff Beer QuotesQuotes
273Duff Man QuotesQuotes
274Duff Man QuotesQuotes
277Duffman QuotesQuotes
278Dum Dum Fever Medical ConditionsConditions
279The Ear Wigger MiscellaneousScams
280Eddie MuntzQuotesQuotes
281Edna Krabappel QuotesQuotes
282Elliot Gould QuotesQuotes
283English Pimple-faced Teen, Homer Simpson... QuotesQuotes
284Environment Related Despair Medical ConditionsConditions
285Esquilax Living ThingsAnimals
286Everyman QuotesQuotes
287Executioner DonutQuotesQuotes
288The Famed Emeralds of Piso Mojado ArtifactsJewelry
289Fantastipotamus Living ThingsAnimals
290Farmer Billy & Announcer QuotesQuotes
291Fartzilla Living ThingsAnimals
292Fat Tony QuotesQuotes
293Fat Tony QuotesQuotes
294Fat Tony's middle name.TriviaName Game
295Fenway Flounder Living ThingsAnimals
296Festive Holiday Alco-Hog RecipesFood Recipes
297Firehouse Ned's Five Alarm Chili RecipesFood Recipes
298Flanders family's rabbit's name that get... TriviaName Game
299The Flanders Press QuotesQuotes
300The Flanders Press QuotesQuotes
301The Flanders Press QuotesQuotes
302Flubber MatterSubstances
303Form 1790 MiscellaneousForms
304Fox MulderQuotesQuotes
305Frank Grimes & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
306Freddy Krueger CriminalsSerial Killers
307Frinkonium MatterElements
308Frink's Disease Medical ConditionsDiseases
309The Frying of Latke 49 RecipesFood Recipes
310Gabriel QuotesQuotes
311Gamephenomene MatterSubstances
312Garbagemen & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
313George Bush QuotesQuotes
314George WashingtonQuotesQuotes
315Giraffapuss Living ThingsAnimals
316God QuotesQuotes
317God's unicorn's name. TriviaName Game-Animals
318Golden Bucket RecognitionAwards
319Golden Coif RecognitionAwards
320The Good Guy Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
321Gopher Gravy RecipesFood Recipes
322The Green-eyed Gazongas Medical ConditionsConditions
323Grilled Crayon Sandwich RecipesSandwich Recipes
324The Grippe Medical ConditionsConditions
325Groundskeeper Willie QuotesQuotes
326Groundskeeper WillieQuotesQuotes
327Groundskeeper Willie QuotesQuotes
328Groundskeeper Willie & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
329Groundskeeper Willy QuotesQuotes
330Hank Hill QuotesQuotes
331Hans MolemanQuotesQuotes
332Hansen's Hypno-Coins MoneyCoins
333Hell's Satans CriminalsGangs
334Herb PowellQuotesQuotes
335Hippie Hulk QuotesQuotes
336The Hobo Oscars RecognitionAwards
337The Hole in the Ground Gang CriminalsGangs
338The Hole in the Underwear Gang CriminalsGangs
339Homer QuotesQuotes
340Homer decides to change his name. TriviaName Game
341Homer decides to change his name. Which ... TriviaName Game
342Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
343Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
344Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
345Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
346Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
347Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
348Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
349Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
350Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
351Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
352Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
353Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
354Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
355Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
356Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
357Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
358Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
359Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
360Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
361Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
362Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
363Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
364Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
365Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
366Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
367Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
368Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
369Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
370Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
371Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
372Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
373Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
374Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
375Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
376Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
377Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
378Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
379Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
380Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
381Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
382Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
383Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
384Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
385Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
386Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
387Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
388Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
389Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
390Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
391Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
392Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
393Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
394Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
395Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
396Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
397Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
398Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
399Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
400Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
401Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
402Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
403Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
404Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
405Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
406Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
407Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
408Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
409Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
410Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
411Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
412Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
413Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
414Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
415Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
416Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
417Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
418Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
419Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
420Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
421Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
422Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
423Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
424Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
425Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
426Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
427Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
428Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
429Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
430Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
431Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
432Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
433Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
434Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
435Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
436Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
437Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
438Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
439Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
440Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
441Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
442Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
443Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
444Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
445Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
446Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
447Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
448Homer Simpson ThemesFlatliners
449Homer Simpson & Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
450Homer Simpson & Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
451Homer Simpson & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
452Homer Simpson & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
453Homer Simpson & ClerkQuotesQuotes
454Homer Simpson & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
455Homer Simpson & Frank GrimesQuotesQuotes
456Homer Simpson & Homer's MemoryQuotesQuotes
457Homer Simpson & Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
458Homer Simpson & Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
459Homer Simpson & Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
460Homer Simpson & Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
461Homer Simpson & Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
462Homer Simpson & Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
463Homer Simpson & Mr. Sulu QuotesQuotes
464Homer Simpson & St. Peter QuotesQuotes
465Homer tells Marge he had her name change... TriviaName Game
466The Homer Times QuotesQuotes
467Homer's army nickname during basic train... TriviaName Game
468Homer's favorite fictional character's n... TriviaName Game
469Homer's full name. TriviaName Game
470Homer's helper monkey. TriviaQuestions
471Homer's pet lobster's name. TriviaName Game-Animals
472Homer's Spirit GuideQuotesQuotes
473Housemaid's Knee Medical ConditionsConditions
474How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising ThemesDark Shadows
475Howell Huser & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
476Hulk QuotesQuotes
477Hydrogenated Petroleum Oil MatterSubstances
478Hyper-obesity Medical ConditionsConditions
479Intertitle QuotesQuotes
480Inverted Double-struck Penny MoneyCurrency
481Iron Mike RecognitionAwards
482Itchy & Scratchy Money MoneyCurrency
483J. Jonah Jameson & American Poetry Persp... QuotesQuotes
484Jacques QuotesQuotes
485James Kirk, Comic Book Guy & Uhura QuotesQuotes
486James Kirk, Mr. Sulu & Mr Scott QuotesQuotes
487Jason Vorhees CriminalsSerial Killers
488Jealousy Bug Living ThingsAnimals
489Jebediah SpringfieldQuotesQuotes
490Jebediah Springfield QuotesQuotes
491Jebeditis Medical ConditionsConditions
492Jenda QuotesQuotes
493Jesse Grass QuotesQuotes
494Jimbo JonesQuotesQuotes
495Jimbo's real name. TriviaName Game
496John Coffey QuotesQuotes
497John Gotti's Disease Medical ConditionsConditions
498Johnny Unitas & Angelique QuotesQuotes
499Juggler's Despair Medical ConditionsConditions
500Jungle Rot Medical ConditionsConditions
501Juvenile Aggression Study PlansInitiatives
504Kang QuotesQuotes
505Kang & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
506Kent Brockman QuotesQuotes
507Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
508Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
509Kent Brockman QuotesQuotes
510Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
511Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
512Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
513Kent BrockmanQuotesQuotes
514Kent Brockman QuotesQuotes
515Kent Brockman QuotesQuotes
516Kent Brockman QuotesQuotes
517Kent Brockman's real name.TriviaName Game
518Kids' Head Soup RecipesFood Recipes
519Killer dolphin leader's name that Lisa s... TriviaName Game
520Kirk Van HoutenQuotesQuotes
521Kodos QuotesQuotes
522Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
523Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
524Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
525Krusty the Clown QuotesQuotes
526Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
527Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
528Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
529Krusty the ClownQuotesQuotes
530Krusty the Clown QuotesQuotes
531Krusty the Clown QuotesQuotes
532Krusty the Clown QuotesQuotes
533Krusty the Clown QuotesQuotes
534Krusty the Clown & AssistantQuotesQuotes
535Krusty the Clown & Leonard Nimoy QuotesQuotes
536Krusty the Klown's real name varies - wh...TriviaName Game
537Kubrick References ThemesJapanese Baby Driver
538Kubrick References ThemesJapanese Baby Driver
539Kwyjibo Living ThingsAnimals
540Lackluster Video Employee & Homer Simpso... QuotesQuotes
541Lance Murdock QuotesQuotes
542Land Monster Living ThingsAnimals
543Laramie Bucks MoneyCurrency
544Lawyer Bird Living ThingsBirds
545Leatheroleum MatterElements
546Legendary creature featured in Friar Wig... TriviaQuestions
548Lenny QuotesQuotes
549Lenny QuotesQuotes
550Lenny QuotesQuotes
551Lenny & Carl QuotesQuotes
552Lenny & Carl QuotesQuotes
553Lenny Kravitz & Mick Jagger QuotesQuotes
554The Lenny Saver QuotesQuotes
555Lenny, Carl, Homer Simpson & Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
556Lenny, Stan Lee & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
557Leonard Nimoy & Monorail Passenger QuotesQuotes
559Levitating Dragon Trick MiscellaneousMagic Tricks
560Lindenberry Living ThingsTrees
561Lionel Hutz QuotesQuotes
562Lionel HutzQuotesQuotes
563Lionel HutzQuotesQuotes
564Lisa gets a new cat named Snowball II, b... TriviaName Game-Animals
565Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
566Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
567Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
568Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
569Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
570Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
571Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
572Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
573Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
574Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
575Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
576Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
577Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
578Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
579Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
580Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
581Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
582Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
583Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
584Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
585Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
586Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
587Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
588Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
589Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
590Lisa Simpson QuotesQuotes
591Lisa Simpson & Abe Simpson QuotesQuotes
592Lisa Simpson & Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
593Lisa Simpson & Bart SimpsonQuotesQuotes
594Lisa Simpson & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
595Lisa Simpson & Bleeding Gums MurphyQuotesQuotes
596Lisa Simpson & ErinQuotesQuotes
597Lisa Simpson & Fortune TellerQuotesQuotes
598Lisa Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
599Lisa Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
600Lisa Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
601Lisa Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
602Lisa Simpson & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
603Lisa Simpson & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
604Lisa Simpson & Milhouse QuotesQuotes
605Lisa Simpson & Nelson QuotesQuotes
606Lisa Simpson & Nelson MuntzQuotesQuotes
607Lisa Simpson & Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
608Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson & Homer Simps... QuotesQuotes
609Lisa Simpson, Jonathan Frink, Sr. & Comi... QuotesQuotes
610Lisa's character's name when the kids pl... TriviaName Game
611Lisa's full name.TriviaName Game
612Lisa's jazz nickname. TriviaName Game
613Lisa's new goth name. TriviaName Game
614Lisa's new plush dolphin's name from the... TriviaName Game
615Little Boy & AmendmentQuotesQuotes
616Loaferole RecipesFood Recipes
617Local MatterColors
618Looter's Hernia Medical ConditionsConditions
619Los Souvenir Jacquitos CriminalsGangs
620Lou, Chief Wiggum & Eddie QuotesQuotes
621Louie QuotesQuotes
622Louie QuotesQuotes
623Louisiana Lobito-moth Living ThingsAnimals
624Lowest Paying Job RecognitionAwards
625Luann Van Houten & Kirk Van Houten QuotesQuotes
626Luann Van Houten & MilhouseQuotesQuotes
627Lucy Lawless QuotesQuotes
628Lumber Lung Medical ConditionsConditions
629Lunchlady DorisQuotesQuotes
630Lunchlady Doris QuotesQuotes
631Lunchlady Doris QuotesQuotes
632MacGyver Burgers RecipesBurger Recipes
633Mad Fish DiseaseMedical ConditionsDiseases
634Maggie Simpson QuotesQuotes
635Maggie Simpson QuotesQuotes
636Maggie's character's name when the kids ... TriviaName Game
637Maggie's full name.TriviaName Game
638Malibu StacyQuotesQuotes
639Manjula & Apu QuotesQuotes
640Manjula & Apu QuotesQuotes
641Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
642Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
643Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
644Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
645Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
646Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
647Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
648Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
649Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
650Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
651Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
652Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
653Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
654Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
655Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
656Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
657Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
658Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
659Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
660Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
661Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
662Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
663Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
664Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
665Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
666Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
667Marge Simpson QuotesQuotes
668Marge Simpson ThemesFlatliners
669Marge Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
670Marge Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
671Marge Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
672Marge Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
673Marge Simpson & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
674Marge Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
675Marge Simpson & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
676Marge Simpson & Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
677Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson & Homer Simp...QuotesQuotes
678Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson & Lisa Simps... QuotesQuotes
679Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson & Bart Simps...QuotesQuotes
680Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson & Rainier Wo... QuotesQuotes
681Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier & Selma Bou...QuotesQuotes
682Marge Simpson's Wasabi Buffalo Wings RecipesFood Recipes
683Marge's full name.TriviaName Game
684Marge's Guinea pig from her childhood. TriviaQuestions
685Marge's Killer Lasagna RecipesFood Recipes
686Marge's maiden name.TriviaName Game
687Mark Hamill QuotesQuotes
688Mark Hamill QuotesQuotes
689Mark Hamill QuotesQuotes
690Mark Hamill QuotesQuotes
691Mark Hamill QuotesQuotes
692Mark Hamill & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
693Martha Prince & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
694Martin Prince QuotesQuotes
695Martin PrinceQuotesQuotes
696Martin's Raisin Roundies RecipesFood Recipes
697Mary Magdalene's Chocolate Orgasm RecipesFood Recipes
698Maude FlandersQuotesQuotes
699Maude Flanders QuotesQuotes
700Mayor QuimbyQuotesQuotes
701Mayor Quimby QuotesQuotes
702Mayor Quimby QuotesQuotes
703Mayor Quimby QuotesQuotes
704Mayor Quimby & Leonard Nimoy QuotesQuotes
705Meganaut & Princess Tempura QuotesQuotes
706Mel Gibson QuotesQuotes
707Melt Mania Medical ConditionsConditions
708The Merciless Peppers of Quetzlzacatenan... Living ThingsPlants
709Michelle Kwan QuotesQuotes
710Mick Jagger QuotesQuotes
714Milhouse QuotesQuotes
716Milhouse QuotesQuotes
717Milhouse QuotesQuotes
718Milhouse QuotesQuotes
719Milhouse QuotesQuotes
720Milhouse QuotesQuotes
721Milhouse QuotesQuotes
722Milhouse & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
723Milhouse & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
724Milhouse & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
725Milhouse & Kearney QuotesQuotes
726Milhouse & Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
727Milhouse's middle name. TriviaName Game
728The Mirror QuotesQuotes
729The Mirror QuotesQuotes
730Miss HooverQuotesQuotes
731Miss Hoover & Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
732Moe opens a new family oriented restaura...TriviaName Game
733Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
734Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
735Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
736Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
737Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
738Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
739Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
740Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
741Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
742Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
743Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
744Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
745Moe SzyslakQuotesQuotes
746Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
747Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
748Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
749Moe Szyslak & David Byrne QuotesQuotes
750Moe Szyslak & Sideshow Mel QuotesQuotes
751Moe's cat's name. TriviaName Game-Animals
752Moe's Chili Bar RecipesFood Recipes
753Mommy's patented happy cracker snack pla... RecipesFood Recipes
754Monosodium Poisonate MatterSubstances
755Monsteritis Medical ConditionsConditions
756Most Hair Lost RecognitionAwards
757Most Improved Odor RecognitionAwards
758Most Promising New Series on Cable RecognitionAwards
759Most Violent Rap Group RecognitionAwards
760Most Weight Gained RecognitionAwards
761Mount Lushmore RecognitionAwards
762Mr. BergstromQuotesQuotes
763Mr. BergstromQuotesQuotes
764Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
765Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
766Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
767Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
768Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
769Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
770Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
771Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
772Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
773Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
774Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
775Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
776Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
777Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
778Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
779Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
780Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
781Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
782Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
783Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
784Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
785Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
786Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
787Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
788Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
789Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
790Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
791Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
792Mr. Burns QuotesQuotes
793Mr. Burns & Charles DarwinQuotesQuotes
794Mr. Burns & Waylon SmithersQuotesQuotes
795Mr. Burns & Waylon SmithersQuotesQuotes
796Mr. Burns' hounds that don't get along. TriviaQuestions
797Mr. Burns' knife-fighting monkey. TriviaQuestions
798Mr. Rogers QuotesQuotes
799Mr. Sparkle QuotesQuotes
800Mr. T QuotesQuotes
801Mrs. KrabappelQuotesQuotes
802Mrs. KrabappelQuotesQuotes
803Mrs. Krabappel & Martin Prince QuotesQuotes
804Mrs. Krabappel & Miss HooverQuotesQuotes
805Mrs. Krabappel & Nelson MuntzQuotesQuotes
806Mrs. Krabappel & Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
807Mrs. NahasapeemapetilonQuotesQuotes
808Muntz Family Chili RecipesFood Recipes
809Mutant Peacock Living ThingsAnimals
810The Muttonchops Murderer CriminalsSerial Killers
811Nachos, Flanders-styleRecipesFood Recipes
812Name that Homer comes up with after Marg... TriviaName Game
813Name that the Simpsons enter the Witness... TriviaName Game
814Nash Castor QuotesQuotes
815Navitron Auto-Drive System QuotesQuotes
816Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
817Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
818Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
819Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
820Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
821Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
822Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
823Ned FlandersQuotesQuotes
824Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
825Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
826Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
827Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
828Ned Flanders QuotesQuotes
829Ned Flanders & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
830Ned Flanders & Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
831Ned Flanders & Todd Flanders QuotesQuotes
832Ned Flanders' name for his mustache. TriviaName Game
833Nedward Flanders, Sr.QuotesQuotes
834Ned's date's poodle's name. TriviaName Game
835Nelson QuotesQuotes
836Nelson QuotesQuotes
837Nelson MuntzQuotesQuotes
838Nelson MuntzQuotesQuotes
839Nelson MuntzQuotesQuotes
840Nelson Muntz QuotesQuotes
841Nelson Muntz QuotesQuotes
842Nelson Muntz & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
843New Awareness Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
844The New Delhi Daily QuotesQuotes
845Newsie RecognitionAwards
846Nichelle Nichols & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
847Nico-glycerol MatterSubstances
848Nobel Fart Prize RecognitionAwards
849Nun & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
850Old Elihu's Yale Style Saltpeter Chili RecipesFood Recipes
851Oldest Car RecognitionAwards
852Operation Crazy Plan PlansOperations
853Operation Enduring Occupation PlansOperations
854Operation Exodus PlansOperations
855Operation Howvin-Mayvin PlansOperations
856Operation Judge-Get-Back-At PlansOperations
857Operation ladybug PlansOperations
858Operation Mail Take PlansOperations
859Operation S.L.A.A.A.M. PlansOperations
860Operation Slight Edge PlansOperations
861Operation Speedy Resolution PlansOperations
862Operation Xmas-Remind Of-How Good Is PlansOperations
863The Orb of Isis ArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts
864Orb of Oblivion ArtifactsArchaeological Artifacts
865Orson Welles QuotesQuotes
866Osaka Flu Medical ConditionsViruses
867Oscar the Grouch & Elmo QuotesQuotes
868Otto MannQuotesQuotes
869Otto MannQuotesQuotes
870Otto Mann QuotesQuotes
871Otto Mann QuotesQuotes
872Otto Mann & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
873Otto Mann & Magic Dragon QuotesQuotes
874Outstanding Soul, Spoken Word Or Barbers... RecognitionAwards
875Outstanding Writing in a Cartoon Series RecognitionAwards
876Panda Virus Medical ConditionsViruses
877Partially De-weaponized Plutonium MatterSubstances
878Patriots of Tomorrow Awards Banquet RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
879Pattern ThemesShield, The
880Patty Bouvier & Selma BouvierQuotesQuotes
881Paul Newman QuotesQuotes
883The Pigeon Drop MiscellaneousScams
884Pink Donut ThemesSingles
885Pizza of the Sea RecipesFood Recipes
886Plan B PlansInitiatives
887Plankton Kebobs RecipesFood Recipes
888Pocket Fox Living ThingsAnimals
889Poindextrose MatterSubstances
890Poochie QuotesQuotes
891Poor Man's Gout Medical ConditionsConditions
892Porno Bush Living ThingsPlants
893President of the Italian-American Anti-D... QuotesQuotes
894Pretzel Fever Medical ConditionsConditions
895Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
896Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
897Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
898Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
899Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
900Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
901Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
902Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
903Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
904Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
905Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
906Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
907Principal SkinnerQuotesQuotes
908Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
909Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
910Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
911Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
912Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
913Principal Skinner QuotesQuotes
914Principal Skinner & Agnes SkinnerQuotesQuotes
915Principal Skinner & Agnes Skinner QuotesQuotes
916Principal Skinner & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
917Principal Skinner & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
918Principal Skinner & Groundskeeper WillieQuotesQuotes
919Principal Skinner & Homer SimpsonQuotesQuotes
920Principal Skinner & Homer Simpson QuotesQuotes
921Principal Skinner & Lisa SimpsonQuotesQuotes
922Principal Skinner & Mrs. KrabappelQuotesQuotes
923Principal Skinner & Superintendent Chalm...QuotesQuotes
924Principal Skinner, Maude Flanders & Krus... QuotesQuotes
925Principal Skinner, Ralph Wiggum & Miss H... QuotesQuotes
926Principal Skinner's favorite Star Wars c... TriviaQuestions
927Principal Skinner's Transportation Proje... PlansProjects
928The Princy Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
929Prison Tunnel Syndrome Medical ConditionsSyndromes
930Pro wrestler that buys Mr. Burns' mansio... TriviaQuestions
931Professor FrinkQuotesQuotes
932Professor FrinkQuotesQuotes
933Professor FrinkQuotesQuotes
934Professor FrinkQuotesQuotes
935Professor FrinkQuotesQuotes
936Project Arcturus PlansProjects
937Project Bootstrap PlansProjects
938Project Boy Band PlansProjects
939Quatloo MoneyCurrency
940Quentin Tarantino QuotesQuotes
941Rabbi KrustofskyQuotesQuotes
942Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy QuotesQuotes
943Radioactive Man & Fallout BoyQuotesQuotes
944Rainier Wolfcastle QuotesQuotes
945Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
946Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
947Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
948Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
949Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
950Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
951Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
952Ralph WiggumQuotesQuotes
953Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
954Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
955Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
956Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
957Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
958Ralph Wiggum QuotesQuotes
959Ralph Wiggum & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
960Ralph Wiggum & Miss HooverQuotesQuotes
961Ralphwich RecipesSandwich Recipes
962Randall Curtis QuotesQuotes
963Ransom Simpsons ThemesRansom
964Ransom Simpsons ThemesRansom
965Rattlesnake Meat and Varmint Kabobs RecipesFood Recipes
966Reagan MoneyCurrency
967The Red Dress Press QuotesQuotes
968The Red Dress Press QuotesQuotes
969Redneck #1 & Redneck #2 QuotesQuotes
970Rehab Patient QuotesQuotes
971Renee & Moe Szyslak QuotesQuotes
972Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
973Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
974Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
975Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
976Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
977Reverend LovejoyQuotesQuotes
978Reverend Lovejoy QuotesQuotes
979Rex Banner & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
980Rich Texan's daughter's name. TriviaName Game
981Richard Dean Anderson QuotesQuotes
982Richard Dean Anderson QuotesQuotes
983Richard Gere QuotesQuotes
984Right Guard Keeping Cool Under Pressure ... RecognitionAwards
985Rootmarm RecipesFood Recipes
986Russian No-wood-niks Living ThingsAnimals
987Safest Bus Driver RecognitionAwards
988The Saint Who Walks Among Us Award RecognitionAwards
989Samantha StankyQuotesQuotes
990Satan & John Wayne QuotesQuotes
991School District Safety Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
995Scorpio QuotesQuotes
996Screamapillar Living ThingsAnimals
997Scrofula Medical ConditionsConditions
998Sea Captain & Marge SimpsonQuotesQuotes
999Seaweed Shark Living ThingsAnimals
1000The Secret Civilian Mail-Opening Project... PlansProjects
1001Selma Bouvier QuotesQuotes
1002Selma Bouvier QuotesQuotes
1003Selma Bouvier & Troy McClureQuotesQuotes
1004Selma's iguana. TriviaQuestions
1005The Seven Swords of Osiris ArtifactsAncient Weapons
1006Severe Butt Rott Medical ConditionsConditions
1007Shady QuotesQuotes
1008Sideshow BobQuotesQuotes
1009Sideshow BobQuotesQuotes
1010Sideshow BobQuotesQuotes
1011Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1012Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1013Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1014Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1015Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1016Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1017Sideshow Bob QuotesQuotes
1018Sideshow Bob's real name.TriviaName Game
1019Simpsons' hamster astronaut's name. TriviaName Game-Animals
1020Sisterectomy Medical ConditionsMedical Procedures
1021Skin Failure Medical ConditionsConditions
1022Skinner Burgers RecipesSandwich Recipes
1023Slarg Fish Living ThingsFish
1024Soldier & Commanding Officer QuotesQuotes
1025Spider-Man Impersonator QuotesQuotes
1026Sponsor ThemesBillboard
1027The Sposedas Medical ConditionsConditions
1028The Springfield Cat Burglar CriminalsSerial Killers
1029Springfield Police Themes3-D
1030Springfield Wall of Fame RecognitionAwards
1031Spud QuotesQuotes
1032St. Eleutherius of Nicomedia QuotesQuotes
1033The Staggers Medical ConditionsConditions
1034Stan Lee & Bart Simpson QuotesQuotes
1035Stan Lee & Comic Book Guy QuotesQuotes
1036Stan Lee & Kyle QuotesQuotes
1037Stench blossoms Living ThingsPlants
1038Stephen Hawking QuotesQuotes
1039Stephen King QuotesQuotes
1040Stephen King QuotesQuotes
1041Stinging Red Jellyfish Living ThingsFish
1042Student of the Millenium Award RecognitionAwards
1043Sultry Stevens & Angela Dare QuotesQuotes
1044Sumatran Century Flower Living ThingsFlowers
1045The Sun QuotesQuotes
1046The Sun QuotesQuotes
1047Sunday School Teacher QuotesQuotes
1048Superintendent ChalmersQuotesQuotes
1049Superintendent Chalmers QuotesQuotes
1050Superintendent Chalmers & Principal Skin...QuotesQuotes
1051Superintendent Chalmers' first name.TriviaName Game
1052Surly QuotesQuotes
1053Sweets and Sour Marge Themes3-D
1054T.R. Francis' dog's name - author of Lis... TriviaName Game-Animals
1055Talk Dirty to Me ThemesBillboard
1056Taun Taun Living ThingsAnimals
1057The Tea Birds CriminalsGangs
1058Tex Avery Syndrome Medical ConditionsSyndromes
1059The blind man that Mr. Mitchell gives Sa... TriviaQuestions
1060Thomas Pynchon QuotesQuotes
1061Three-eyed mutant fish's name that Bart ... TriviaName Game-Animals
1062The Times of London QuotesQuotes
1063Timmy Thomas Disease Medical ConditionsDiseases
1064Titpecker Living ThingsAnimals
1065Toast Points New Awareness Awards RecognitionAwards Ceremonies
1066Trans-dental Electromicide Medical ConditionsMedical Procedures
1067Traveled the Least Distance RecognitionAwards
1068Trillion Dollar Bill MoneyCurrency
1069Troy McClure QuotesQuotes
1070Troy McClureQuotesQuotes
1071Troy McClureQuotesQuotes
1072Troy McClureQuotesQuotes
1073Troy McClure QuotesQuotes
1074Twin Spin QuotesQuotes
1075Two-headed Hound Living ThingsAnimals
1076Two-nicorn Living ThingsAnimals
1077Uni-clams Living ThingsAnimals
1078Unicorn Living ThingsAnimals
1079The University of Minnesota Spankalogica... MiscellaneousTechniques
1080Untitled Themes3-D
1081Untitled ThemesDark Shadows
1082Untitled ThemesShield, The
1083Untitled Themes3-D
1084Untitled ThemesSingles
1085Untitled ThemesSingles
1086Untitled ThemesBeast
1087Untitled ThemesDark Shadows
1088Urine Monkey Living ThingsAnimals
1089The Vapors Medical ConditionsConditions
1090The Velvet Mafia CriminalsCriminal Organizations
1091Very Tall ManQuotesQuotes
1092Virgil Sinclair QuotesQuotes
1093Wally Kogen QuotesQuotes
1094Waylon SmithersQuotesQuotes
1095Waylon Smithers & Mr. BurnsQuotesQuotes
1096Were-bear Living ThingsAnimals
1097Werewolf Flanders QuotesQuotes
1098What does Bart name the eggs that he fin... TriviaName Game-Animals
1099What does Bart tell Lisa he will re-name... TriviaName Game
1100What does Bart tell Lisa he's going to c... TriviaName Game
1101What does Lisa tell Bart she's going to ... TriviaName Game
1102Which of the following is NOT one of the... TriviaName Game
1103Which of the following is the name of on... TriviaName Game
1104Who was Snake the criminal named after?TriviaName Game
1105Wild Raspberry Compote, Celery Root Remo... RecipesFood Recipes
1106The Winifred Beecher Howe 75 Cent Coin MoneyCoins
1107Wolfgang Puck QuotesQuotes
1108Worker of the Week RecognitionAwards
1109Yoda QuotesQuotes
1110Yum-Yum Fish Living ThingsFish

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