Film 1994. Written by Quentin Tarantino. Directed by Oliver Stone. Starring Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr, Tommy Lee Jones, Tom Sizemore, Rodney Dangerfield, Russell Means, Balthazar Getty, Steven Wright, Mark Harmon, Adrien Brody, Arliss Howard, Ashley Judd and Denis Leary.
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1966 - 58 years ago
1August 1, 1966 20th Century: 60sEvents

August 1, 1966
Charles Whitman shoots and kills future super cop Jack Scagnetti's mother, along with several other people, from his perch atop the University of Texas tower.

1993 - 31 years ago
2May 7, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

May 7, 1993
Mickey and Mallory begin their rampage of death and destruction, per the article in the May 18th Albuquerque Journal newspaper.

3May 15, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

May 15, 1993
Mickey and Mallory kill six teens during a slumber party, per the article in the May 18th Albuquerque Journal newspaper.

4May 18, 1993 20th Century: 90sHeadlines

May 18, 1993
Date of Albuquerque Journal newspaper headline: Mickey and Mallory Kill Six Teens During Slumber Party.

5June 28, 1993 20th Century: 90sEvents

June 28, 1993
Mickey and Mallory Knox grace the cover of Newsweek magazine.

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