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Record Name
1Asgard THE SANDMAN 1989 Comic BooksMapWorldsRealms


3Asgard FEAR ITSELF 2011 Comic BooksMapOuter SpacePlanets

In the Serpent's War, various superheroes contend with the Serpent, an Asgardian fear deity who causes global panic on Earth, and who seeks to reclaim the throne of Asgard, which he contends was usurped by his brother, Odin, father to Thor, when the latter vanquished him ages ago.

3Asgard THOR 2011 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Thor's home world, also known as the realm eternal.

3AsgardMARVEL'S THE AVENGERS 2012 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Mentioned when NIck Fury proposes activating the Avengers Initiative with the World Security Council.

4AsgardAVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON 2015 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Tony and Bruce decide to give Loki's scepter the once over before it goes back to Asgard.

5AsgardMARVEL SUPER HERO ADVENTURES: FROST FIGHT! 2015 Animated FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Home of the Norse gods.

6AsgardTHE BOBIVERSE 2016 LiteratureMapOuter SpacePlanets

Primary planet in the 82 Eridani system, named by Mac, Isaac, Jack and Owen as part of their Norse theme.

7Asgard THOR: RAGNAROK 2017 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets


3AsgardAVENGERS: INFINITY WAR 2018 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Where Thor tells Thanos the Tesseract was destroyed.

4Asgard AVENGERS: ENDGAME 2019 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Thor's homeworld, part of Operation Time Heist.

3Asgard LOKI 2021 TV SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Loki's home planet from various episodes.

3Asgard WHAT IF...? 2021 Animated SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Thor's homeworld, from multiple episodes.

4AsgardTHOR: LOVE AND THUNDER 2022 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets


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