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Total Records: 14
Record Name
1Arkham AsylumARKHAM ASYLUM: A SERIOUS HOUSE ON SERIOUS EARTH 1989 Comic BooksBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

2Arkham Asylum RYAN ADAMS 1991 MusicBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
And Arkham Asylum has walls to keep us safe / Life just ain't designed to prevent every mistake / And every lock has its key and nobody ever really sleeps / Up in Rockingham Estates.

3Arkham AsylumBATMAN FOREVER 1995 FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Nygma is committed to Arkham Asylum.

4Arkham AsylumBATMAN BEGINS 2005 FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

5Arkham AsylumTHE DARK KNIGHT 2008 FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Mentioned several times - where Carmine Falcone is currently located, where suspect Melvin White was moved twice, where paranoid schizophrenic Thomas Schiff used to be a patient.

6Arkham AsylumBATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM 2009 Video GamesBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

7Arkham AsylumBATMAN: ARKHAM CITY 2011 Video GamesBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

8Arkham AsylumBATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS 2013 Video GamesBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

9Arkham AsylumTHE FLASHPOINT PARADOX 2013 Animated FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Prison for the criminally insane.

10Arkham Asylum THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE 2017 Animated FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum

3Arkham Asylum THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD 2018 Animated FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Batman mentions that anyone that could be behind the mystery is either in Arkham Asylum or Blackgate Penitentiary. Later, they visit the Riddler at Arkham Asylum.

3Arkham Asylum BATMAN: HUSH 2019 Animated FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Batman tells Poison Ivy she's going back to Arkham when he tracks her down in Metropolis.

3Arkham Asylum JOKER 2019 FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Mental asylum mentioned in Penny Fleck's Psychiatric History and Evaluation form.

3Arkham Asylum BIRDS OF PREY 2020 FilmBBBHealthcareHospitals-Mental Health

Arkham Asylum
Harley Quinn met and fell in love with the Joker while working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.

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