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Record Name
1Alderaan STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE 1977 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Princess Leia's home world, destroyed by the Death Star on Grand Moff Tarkin's orders.

3Alderaan STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION 1987 TV SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet originally from Star Wars, listed in the chart Starship Deploy Status, which was seen in the Starbase 173 courtroom.

4Alderaan STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Planet originally from Star Wars, from various episodes.

3AlderaanSTAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE 1999 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Along with Senator Palpatine, Bail Antilles of Alderaan and Ainlee Teem of Malastare are nominated for the position of chancellor.

4Alderaan STAR WARS REBELS 2014 Animated SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Princess Leia's home planet, from multiple episodes.

5AlderaanSTAR WARS: LOST STARS 2015 LiteratureMapOuter SpacePlanets


6Alderaan ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY 2016 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Bail Organa returns home to Alderaan to inform his people that there will be no peace - and to send for his Jedi friend that served him well during the Clone Wars and has lived in hiding since the Emperor's purge.

3Alderaan STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI 2017 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

R2-D2 plays Leia's old message for Luke to try to convince him to join the fight.

3Alderaan STAR WARS: FROM A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW 2017 LiteratureMapOuter SpacePlanets

Raymus and Leia's home planet.

4Alderaan STAR WARS EPISODE IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER 2019 FilmMapOuter SpacePlanets

Palpatine tells Pryde, "The princess of Alderaan has disrupted my plan."

3Alderaan STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN 2019 TV SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets


4Alderaan STAR WARS: OBI-WAN KENOBI 2022 TV SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Leila is kidnapped from her home on Alderaan.

5Alderaan TALES OF THE JEDI 2022 Animated SeriesMapOuter SpacePlanets

Mentioned when Senator Bail Organa is questioned by troopers.

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