Places that don't exist. Cities you can't visit. Mountains you can't climb. Seas you can't sail... Well, you get the idea.
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13924917 RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

A totally unregistered cross-temporal asteroid.

2Asteroid 77942001: A SPACE ODYSSEY 1968 LiteratureOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid 7794
Asteroid monitored by the Minor Planet Bureau.

3Asteroid Belts of Porathia STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 2017 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid Belts of Porathia
Porathia is the name of the star system where the USS Discovery arrived in the mirror universe.

4BrataccasBRATACCAS 1986 Video GamesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Genetic engineer Kyne flees Earth for a backwater mining colony on the distant asteroid Brataccas after being framed for treason the oppressive government when he refuses to allow his research to be used to create supersoldiers.

5CA-2216862THE EXPANSE BOOK 1: LEVIATHAN WAKES 2011 LiteratureOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid where James Holden and the crew of the Canterbury track the source of the distress signal.

6CA-2216862THE EXPANSE 2015 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid near the abandoned Scopuli.

7Denorios Belt STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE 1993 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Denorios Belt
Asteroid belt from various episodes.

8ErosTHE EXPANSE BOOK 1: LEVIATHAN WAKES 2011 LiteratureOuter SpaceAsteroids

Home of Eros Station, a space station that was one of the first sites of human colonization.

9FlutorGALAXY HIGH 1986 Animated SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids


10Kafrene STAR WARS: ANDOR 2022 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid belt, location of a mining colony. Apparently, the captured rebel pilot was on his way to Kafrene.

11Kimiko BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2004 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Small asteroid suspected of containing water, named by Crashdown for someone he used to know.

12MatildaSEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD 2012 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

The 70-mile-wide asteroid known commonly as Matilda is set to collide with Earth in exactly three weeks time.

13Mel'mirrys Asteroid THE ORVILLE 2017 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Mel'mirrys Asteroid
Kelly takes Lysella to the simulator to show her the Mel'mirrys Asteroid in the Plakton System.

14MysteroidTHE MYSTERIANS 1957 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Newly discovered asteroid that used to be the fifth planet from the sun up until 10,000 years ago, when the planet's residents, the Mysterians - a scientifically advanced humanoid alien race, destroyed their planet with nuclear war. Some Mysterians were able to escape to Mars before their planet was rendered uninhabitable. However, 80 percent of the aliens' population is now deformed and crippled.

15Nakana Asteroid Field DARK MATTER 2015 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Nakana Asteroid Field
Location of a mining colony where Ryo sends a cruiser to find ringleader of his assassination attempt.

16OmegaMASS EFFECT 2 2010 Video GamesOuter SpaceAsteroids

A mined out asteroid.

17OmegaMASS EFFECT 3 2012 Video GamesOuter SpaceAsteroids

A mined out asteroid.

18Oseon Belt SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY 2018 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Oseon Belt
Asteroid belt that Lando mentions: "Oh, I've won a lot of things. I once won a subtropical moon in the Oseon Belt... Turned out to be a real money pit."

3Polis MassaSTAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH 2005 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Polis Massa

4Purgatory SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

The sliders find themselves on an asteroid named Purgatory, fending off a Kromagg attack.

5Radvek V STAR TREK: DISCOVERY 2017 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Radvek V
Also known as the Radvek asteroid belt or the Radvek chain, Radvek V consists of a series of interconnected asteroids fitted with force field atmospheric domes, primarily inhabited by the Akaali. Discovery facilitates an evacuation in advance of the arrival of the DMA.

6Ring of Kafrene ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY 2016 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Ring of Kafrene
Mining colony and deep-space trading post in the Kafrene asteroid belt where Cassian Andor meets with a source and learns about the defecting Imperial pilot.

3Rura PentheSTAR TREK VI: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY 1991 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Rura Penthe
Klingon gulag, located on an icy asteroid, also known as The Aliens' Graveyard.

4Sanctuary GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2014 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Domain of Thanos.

3Serial number AN3128.14THE SINGULARITY TRAP 2018 LiteratureOuter SpaceAsteroids

Serial number AN3128.14
Asteroid with multiple nodes of high density, along with pronounced magnetic reactivity.

4Terikof Belt STAR TREK: VOYAGER 1995 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Terikof Belt
Tom Paris guesses that the Maquis ship was trying to get to one of the M-class planetoids in the Terikof Belt, beyond the Moriya System.

5The Twenty-Seventh Asteroidal Grouping I, ROBOT 1950 LiteratureOuter SpaceAsteroids

The Twenty-Seventh Asteroidal Grouping
Location of space stations working on the Hyperatomic Drive project.

6Voxx Cluster RESISTANCE 2018 Animated SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Voxx Cluster
Asteroid field where Hype Fazon learned to race.

7X375 OXYGEN 2021 FilmOuter SpaceAsteroids

Asteroid that collides with the spaceship headed for Wolf 1061c.

3Yeoman 2956 SLIDERS 1995 TV SeriesOuter SpaceAsteroids

Yeoman 2956
Asteroid heading for the planet Earth, 10 miles in diameter.

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