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Total Records: 58 - Group: BBB / Category: NIGHTLIFE / Subcategory: LOUNGES
Record Name
13rd Street Lounge G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksNightlifeLounges

3rd Street Lounge
Bar that Zartan and his Drednoks pass on their motorcycles on their way out of town to look for the Joes.

3The Alibi Lounge BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC 2020 FilmNightlifeLounges

The Alibi Lounge
Bill & Ted meet their older selves playing open mic night at The Alibi Lounge at the La Bonita Hotel in San Dimas 2022.

3All-Ages Piano Lounge BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 2013 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

All-Ages Piano Lounge
Bar on Jake and Amy's Carousel cruise ship, featuring the musical strings of Horatio Velveteen, the musician alter ego of Doug Judy, Jake's nemesis The Pontiac Bandit.

4Apollo LoungeTHE SAMARITAN 2012 FilmNightlifeLounges

Apollo Lounge

5Backstage LoungeTHE ROCKER 2008 FilmNightlifeLounges

Backstage Lounge
Club where A.D.D. performs.

6Bird of Paradise Show LoungeTHE NIGHT STALKER 1972 FilmNightlifeLounges

Bird of Paradise Show Lounge

7The Cigar Lounge PERSON OF INTEREST 2011 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

The Cigar Lounge
Charge on machine number and billionaire Logan Pierce's credit card bill.

3Clarkefield Lounge GLITCH 2015 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Clarkefield Lounge
Owen's mate's empty bar where they force Kate to give up her blood for Owen's sick sister to try to cure her Cancer.

4Cocktail Lounge SLEDGE HAMMER! 1986 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Cocktail Lounge
Generic bar.

5The Colorado LoungeTHE SHINING 1977 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

The Colorado Lounge

6The Dasihari LoungeTHE EXPANSE BOOK 2: CALIBAN'S WAR 2012 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

The Dasihari Lounge
Lounge located in the United Nations headquarters on Earth where Avasarala meets Bobbie.

7The Distinguished Hyacinth LoungeTHE EXPANSE BOOK 1: LEVIATHAN WAKES 2011 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

The Distinguished Hyacinth Lounge
Cop bar - mostly Star Helix Security, but some of the minor corporate forces hung out there too - Protogen, Pinkwater, Al Abbiq.

8Drink Dynasty Lounge BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Drink Dynasty Lounge
Bar where Bob and the kids finally find the Dr. Love's Love Testometer machine he wants to buy Linda for Valentine's Day.

3El Caballo LoungeA CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES 1980 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

El Caballo Lounge
Nightclub mentioned in newspaper article about Officer Mancuso getting arrested.

4Green's Lounge THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Green's Lounge

5Harry's Litigation Lounge NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Harry's Litigation Lounge
Harry turns the court room into a comedy venue called Harry's Litigation Lounge for shock comedian Monty Potter to perform.

6Hound LoungeHOTEL FOR DOGS 2009 FilmNightlifeLounges

Hound Lounge
Nightclub in the new Hotel for Dogs.

7The Iceberg Lounge THE BATMAN 2022 FilmNightlifeLounges

The Iceberg Lounge
Nightclub in the photos on the Penguin's thumb drive, where Selina Kyle works.

3Joes LoungeSTEVE ROPER AND MIKE NOMAD 1936 Comic StripsNightlifeLounges

Joes Lounge

4Leroy's Lounge WALK HARD 2007 FilmNightlifeLounges

Leroy's Lounge
Dewey gets his big break replacing the house band Bobby Shad and the Bad Men at Leroy's Lounge, where he sweeps the floor.

3Loose Caboose Lounge JUDGE DREDD 1995 FilmNightlifeLounges

Loose Caboose Lounge
Bar in Megacity I.

3Luna LoungeLOST HIGHWAY 1997 FilmNightlifeLounges

Luna Lounge
Bar where Fred plays.

4Macauley Lounge 2012 2009 FilmNightlifeLounges

Macauley Lounge
Geologist Adrian Helmsley's father Harry Helmsley and his friend Tony Delgatto are jazz musicians aboard Azure Cruise Lines' ship Genesis, performing in the Macauley Lounge when the world begins to end.

3Monte Carlo Lounge NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Monte Carlo Lounge
Restaurant where Mac's army buddy gets into a fight.

4Octo-Rock LoungeLEGO SCOOBY-DOO! BLOWOUT BEACH BASH 2017 Animated FilmNightlifeLounges

Octo-Rock Lounge

5Otto's Lounge REVOLUTION 2014 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Otto's Lounge
Bar in the shopping market that Charlie and Miles visit while searching for Nora and Danny.

6P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge DEAD MILKMEN 1983 MusicNightlifeLounges

P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge. We are Lester Shy and the Shyphonics. My name is Lester Shy and these fine gentlemen all around me, well they're the Shyphonics and we hail proudly from Fargo, North Dakota."

3Pan-Am Lounge21 BRIDGES 2019 FilmNightlifeLounges

Pan-Am Lounge
Nightclub where cops shoot one of the suspects.

4Potowotominimac LoungeTHE GREAT OUTDOORS 1988 FilmNightlifeLounges

Potowotominimac Lounge
Local bar.

5The Rabbit in Red Lounge HALLOWEEN 1978 FilmNightlifeLounges

The Rabbit in Red Lounge
Dr. Loomis finds a matchbook in the Phelps Garage pickup truck on the side of the road.

3Rae's Lounge SLEDGE HAMMER! 1986 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Rae's Lounge
Location of the Elvis Presley impersonator semi-finals.

4The Red Eye LoungeTHE SHINING 1977 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

The Red Eye Lounge

5Rocko's Blunt Instrument Lounge NIGHT COURT 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Rocko's Blunt Instrument Lounge
Bar mentioned by the emcee at Monty's: "Direct from a smash appearance at Rocko's blunt instrument lounge, the flamenco stylings of the one, the only... El Conquistador!"

6Rosa's LoungeDO YOU REALIZE? 2017 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

Rosa's Lounge
Bar that George's friend Cade mentions when they go to lunch.

7Sessums Lounge TADPOLE 2005 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

Sessums Lounge
Pecan Street bar.

8Shade LoungeTHE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN 2005 FilmNightlifeLounges

Shade Lounge
Club where Andy goes home with Nicky.

9She She Lounge THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

She She Lounge
Lesbian bar in Springfield without a fire exit that Homer checks out when looking for a new bar after Moe bans him for life.

10Sidekick's Lounge THE TICK 1994 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Sidekick's Lounge
The lounge around back for sidekicks at the superhero nightclub Comet Club.

11The Snakehole Lounge PARKS AND RECREATION 2009 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

The Snakehole Lounge
Nightclub in Pawnee.

12Sodiac LoungeTOTAL RECALL 1990 FilmNightlifeLounges

Sodiac Lounge

13Space Safari LoungeFUTUREWORLD 1976 FilmNightlifeLounges

Space Safari Lounge
Bar in Futureworld.

14The Star Lanes LoungeSOUTHERN REACH TRILOGY: ACCEPTANCE 2014 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

The Star Lanes Lounge
The name of the bar at Chipper's Star Lanes bowling alley.

15Star LoungeTHE SINGULARITY TRAP 2018 LiteratureNightlifeLounges

Star Lounge
Lounge on the Olympus Station.

16Stargazer Lounge SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 1975 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Stargazer Lounge
Bar at the Chatsworth House: A Marriott Experience featuring The Danny Band, featured in Latitudes, Southwest Airlines' in flight magazine.

17Starlight Lounge KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Starlight Lounge

18Starlight Lounge IT'S YOUR MOVE 1984 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Starlight Lounge
Norman and Principal Ellis celebrate their stock market winnings.

19Starlight Lounge PEACEMAKER 2022 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Starlight Lounge
Bar one of the students mentions during the Career Day event that Peacemaker attends at an elementary school - where her mom Becky Coolidge used to bartend, whom Peacemaker hasn't seen in about ten years and the little girl thinks he could be her real dad.

20Sugar Cube Lounge THE SHIELD 2002 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Sugar Cube Lounge
Nightclub on Juniper where Armadillo's guys work from - salsa by night, distribution by day.

21Sunrise LoungeBAIT 2000 FilmNightlifeLounges

Sunrise Lounge
Bar where Alvin's girlfriend Lisa used to work.

22Sunset Lounge BOB'S BURGERS 2011 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Sunset Lounge
Lounge at the hotel where the reception for Bob's burger convention is held.

3Tiki Lounge G.I. JOE: A REAL AMERICAN HERO 1982 Comic BooksNightlifeLounges

Tiki Lounge
Bar where Dreadnoks and Ripcord hang out in Springfield.

3Tonga Lounge SEINFELD 1989 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Tonga Lounge
Nightclub in New York, outside of which Kramer gives a homeless guy Chinese food, but wanted his Tupperware back.

4Trees LoungeTREES LOUNGE 1996 FilmNightlifeLounges

Trees Lounge

5The Truman Cocaine Lounge RICK AND MORTY 2013 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

The Truman Cocaine Lounge
Lounge in the White House.

6Turnpike Lounge THE SIMPSONS 1989 Animated SeriesNightlifeLounges

Turnpike Lounge
Lounge at the Newark Newark casino in Las Vegas, from Homer and Ned's gambling trip, featuring Rip Taylor Negron.

3Verge of Paradise Show LoungeTHE NIGHT STALKER 1972 FilmNightlifeLounges

Verge of Paradise Show Lounge

4Wooden Nickel LoungeHELLCAB 1997 FilmNightlifeLounges

Wooden Nickel Lounge

5Zanadew Lounge FOR ALL MANKIND 2019 TV SeriesNightlifeLounges

Zanadew Lounge
Ed grabs a drink - and picks up a woman - after fighting with Karen when she tells him that she slept with someone.

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