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  • 2003

    • May 10, 2003
      • Michael tortures Chidi by making him choose his own soulmate, then he waits until Chidi makes his decision, and reveals his true soulmate, which is not the one he picked. Michael also reveals that the issue was a mistake in the initial calculations, a four hour time gap in their profiles on May 10, 2003. (Season 2 episode Everything is Great!)
 Bogus Business Bureau 
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  • Personal Care Products

    • Juvederm
      • Product that new resident John Wheaton mentions, that he put on his face the night before he died. (Season 4 episode The Girl from Arizona, Part 1)
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    • Mindy St. Claire
      • Mindy St. Claire: You know, it's bad enough that you guys have taken over my house for a year and I've had to move into the attic, but now I have to walk in to find Darth Vader's turd in the middle of my living room. (Season 4 episode A Girl from Arizona)
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    • The name Tahani chooses for her alias when working down at the hotdog factory. (Season 2 episode Rhonda, Diana, Jake and Trent)
      •  Rhonda Mumps
         Mindy St. Claire
         Diana Tremaine
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