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  • Quotes

    • Abby Monroe & Reese
      • Abby Monroe: Who are you?
        Reese: I find it hard to answer that, even to myself.
        (Season 2 episode Shadow Box)

    • Barbara & Library Customer
      • Barbara: I see you found the new Stephen King.
        Library Customer: I really enjoyed the last one.
        (Season 2 episode Bad Code)

    • Brandon Boyd
      • Brandon Boyd: You don't understand. The boss is on my ass 24/7. Either you get black edge, or you're out - inside information no one else has, that's beyond doubt. We were all in on that drug, but I needed to find someone on the trial. Either you get that edge and turn big profits or Lord Vader cuts your balls off. (Season 2 episode In Extremis)

    • Carter
      • Carter: Don't play with me, John - I just cleaned my service weapon. (Season 4 episode Terra Incognita)
      • Carter: That decision is going to be your last, Terney. (Season 3 episode The Perfect Mark)

    • Carter & Reese
      • Carter: John, one of these days, I'm just going to shoot you.
        Reese: I get that a lot.
        (Season 3 episode Razgovor)

    • Denton Weeks
      • Denton Weeks: You have no idea what you're getting into. (Season 2 episode Bad Code)

    • Elias
      • Elias: I just wanted to say goodbye, and that I wish I could have been there. (Season 1 episode Flesh and Blood)
      • Elias: Veni, vidi, vici. (Season 1 episode Witness)

    • Finch
      • Finch: Elias isn't the only fallen angel in our Rolodex, Mr. Reese. (Season 1 episode Flesh and Blood)
      • Finch: Not all humans are bad code. (Season 2 episode Bad Code)
      • Finch: Don't call me, Mr. Reese. I'll call you. (Season 1 episode Ghosts)
      • Finch: Your powers of deduction are as ever impeccable. And your choice of pronoun… illuminating. (Season 3 episode Mors Praematura)
      • Finch: Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior. (Season 2 episode 'Til Death)
      • Finch: Banking is mostly looking clever and wearing the right clothes. (Season 1 episode Risk)
      • Finch: I go by many names, all derived from species of birds. (Season 4 episode Asylum)
      • Finch: Meandering exposition is kind of my thing. (Season 1 episode Identity Crisis)
      • Finch: Unfortunately, murder isn't confined to a zip code. (Season 2 episode The High Road)
      • Finch: It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you. (Season 4 episode Asylum)
      • Finch: It's not paranoia if they're really after you. (Season 4 episode Search and Destroy)

    • Finch & Reese
      • Finch: What if you miss?

        Reese: I wouldn't know, never have.
        (Season 1 episode Foe)

    • Fusco
      • Fusco: You know the dog's the only one that likes you, right? (Season 3 episode The Crossing)
      • Fusco: Rest in peace, Cocoa Puffs. Lord knows you deserve it. (Season 5 episode Synecdoche)
      • Fusco: You're a peach, you know that? (Season 3 episode Aletheia)

    • Gianni Moretti
      • Gianni Moretti: What - is this somehow supposed to intimidate me? (Season 1 episode Flesh and Blood)

    • Hector Alvarez
      • Hector Alvarez: I heard he ate a bullet that didn't agree with him. (Season 1 episode Get Carter)

    • Irina Kapp & Reese
      • Irina Kapp: Shoot the dog.
        Reese: I wouldn't do that, fellas.
        (Season 2 episode C.O.D.)

    • John Greer
      • John Greer: Then, by all means, let there be life. (Season 3 episode Deus Ex Machina)

    • Logan Pierce
      • Logan Pierce: Who died? Oh, God - don't tell me it was me. (Season 2 episode One Percent)

    • Lou Mitchell
      • Lou Mitchell: Hey dumb ass - I cheated. (Season 2 episode All In)

    • Mark Snow
      • Mark Snow: You were right, Kara, about me bein' dead. I'm gonna be great at it. (Season 2 episode Dead Reckoning)

    • Martine Rousseau & Root
      • Martine Rousseau: He doesn't look like much of a fighter. Bet he'll die without so much as a peep.
        Root: What you know? Not a peep.
        (Season 4 episode Asylum)

    • Patrick Simmons
      • Patrick Simmons: To be or not to be, bitch. (Season 3 episode Endgame)

    • Patrick Simmons & Elias
      • Patrick Simmons: You really think you're gonna be the one to kill me?
        Elias: No, my friend is gonna kill you. I'm just gonna watch.

        (Season 3 episode The Devil's Share)

    • Peter Yogorov & Carter
      • Peter Yogorov: First five guys through that door get an early retirement.
        Carter: That come with a pension?
        (Season 3 episode Endgame)

    • Reese
      • Reese: If I go to Hell, I'm taking you with me. (Season 4 episode If-Then-Else)
      • Reese: It's hard to mourn during a war. (Season 5 episode Synecdoche)
      • Reese: I like this new side of you, Finch. It's terrifying, but I like it. (Season 5 episode Return 0)
      • Reese: This guy hit me over the head with a neon sign - not very sportsman like. (Season 2 episode Masquerade)
      • Reese: I have an idea… but it's gonna require a smokescreen and a big-ass truck. (Season 3 episode Allegiance)
      • Reese: Dying can make you thirsty. (Season 2 episode Relevance)
      • Reese: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not trying to kill you. (Season 1 episode Firewall)
      • Reese: Some people the world can't afford to lose. (Season 1 episode Get Carter)
      • Reese: I have a hobby - shooting people. (Season 1 episode Prophets)
      • Reese: Come near us again and you will be sorry. (Season 2 episode Bad Code)
      • Reese: You know, it's funny. Seems like the only time you need a name now is when you're in trouble. Am I in trouble? (Season 1 Pilot episode)
      • Reese: I've killed many people. Never bothered me much. That's why I was good at it. I didn't like them suffering, though. Took me years to figure out how to do it quickly, painlessly. But If you don't tell me, I'm gonna forget all that. Understand? And I'll make the last three minutes of your life last forever. (Season 3 episode The Crossing)
      • Reese [walking into a marijuana dispensary]: Sweet Mary Jane - this place is legal? (Season 4 episode Blunt)
      • Reese: Armies fall. One soldier at a time. (Season 3 episode Razgovor)

    • Reese & Carter
      • Reese: Joss, Joss, I'm here. It's okay.
        Carter: I need - I need to see my boy. I need to tell him.
        Reese: And you will, and you will. Just stay with me.
        Carter: Promise me you'll look in on him.
        Reese: I won't have to, cause you're gonna make it, okay?
        Carter: Promise me you'll tell him.
        Reese: He knows, Joss. He knows
        Carter: John, don't let this...
        Reese: Joss…
        (Season 3 episode The Crossing)

    • Reese & Finch
      • Reese: Where did you come from?
        Finch: I breached the spacetime continuum… Not really.
        (Season 1 episode Number Crunch)

    • Root
      • Root: In your apartment, there's an old photo of your father at the Franklin Park Zoo taken when he was a child. He's feeding a lion cub. Do you know what that cub's name was? Lionel. That's where your name came from. (Season 3 episode The Devil's Share)
      • Root: Sorry, John - places to be, people to kill.
      • Root: She was supposed to remake the world. Now God's on the run. (Season 1 episode Prophets)
      • Root: Human beings have come as far as we're gonna go. I wanna see what happens next. (Season 2 episode The Contingency)
      • Root: What did I say, Harold? Bad code. (Season 2 episode Bad Code)

    • Root & Shaw
      • Root: That didn't suck.
        Shaw: Oh, there was plenty of sucking.
        (Season 5 episode 6,741)
      • Root: I guess you're in the mindset now.
        Shaw: Shut up.
        (Season 5 episode 6,741)

    • Shaw
      • Shaw: Brain surgery medieval-style… awesome. (Season 5 episode 6,741)
      • Shaw: I can't control myself. So the only thing I can control is this. (Season 5 episode 6,741)
      • Shaw: Move along, Milhouse. (Season 5 episode 6,741)
      • Shaw: You ever have a staring contest with a fish? No eyelids. Kind of pointless, right? Like you reaching for the scattergun. (Season 2 episode Relevance)
      • Shaw: Finch, what's our e.t.a. on Captain America? (Season 3 episode Allegiance)

    • Shaw & Finch
      • Shaw: You can't expect me to shoot somebody on an empty stomach.
        Finch: I'd prefer you didn't shoot anyone at all.
        (Season 3 episode Nothing to Hide)

    • Shaw & Root
      • Shaw: It's hard to imagine both of us making it out of this in one piece.
        Root: Be a hell of a way to go.
        (Season 5 episode 6,741)

    • Shelly Spencer
      • Shelly Spencer: Go home to your loved ones. Hold your daughter tight, because a new day is dawning. And those who impede progress - the disruptive, the aberrant - will be systematically purged from our society. There will be no mercy. No stay of execution. For some, this will be the end. But for others, a rebirth. A second chance to live the life they were designed for. Every life given a purpose. Samaritan will build a new world. A better world. (Season 4 episode Asylum)

    • Shelly Spencer & Control
      • Shelly: Samaritan will build a new world. A better world.
        Control: Too bad you won't live to see it.
        (Season 4 episode Asylum)

    • Sulaiman Khan & John Greer
      • Sulaiman Khan: I want to see it - I want to look in its eyes.
        John Greer: Very well.
        (Season 4 episode Search and Destroy)

    • Tug Brantley
      • Tug Brantley: I want to know if those lips taste like the chocolate mints you leave on my pillow. (Season 2 episode Booked Solid)
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