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BLADE RUNNER 2049 (17) 2017 Film
  • Alternate Titles
    • Triboro
      • The name for Blade Runner 2049 during shooting and shipped to theaters under was, "Triboro"
  • Android and Robot Models
    • Nexus-7
      • A short-lived prototype line of replicants manufactured by the Tyrell Corporation not only intended as a test to make replicants more mentally stable with implanted memories, but to develop replicants capable of naturally conceiving children on their own.
    • Nexus-8
      • Replicant model introduced in 2020 by the Tyrell Corporation, built with open lifespans not limited to only four years.
    • Nexus-9
      • Replicant model manufactured by the Wallace Corporation.
  • Androids and Robots-Specific
    • Joi
      • Hologram companion sold by the Wallace Corporation
  • Apartment and Condos
    • Mobius 21
      • The name of Agent K's apartment building
  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • BiBi's Bar
      • No description available
  • Battles, Conflicts and Wars
    • The Blackouts
      • The Blackouts occured when a group of Nexus-8 rebelling replicants detonated a nuclear weapon in orbit over the western United States to create an EMP pulse that wiped out all of the electronic records. "The Blackout" destroyed most records about replicants, making it difficult for humans to track them down on Earth, but the terrorist attack led to mass purge and complete shutdown of Nexus-8 production (though many existing units were able to go into hiding in the chaos).
  • Beverages
    • Hudzuo Sodaa
      • Beverage advertised in city.
  • Casinos
    • Vintage Casino
      • The name of the casino that Deckard is living in Las Vegas
  • Computer Accessories
    • Emanator
      • Device which allows the Joi hologram companion to escape her virtual self and experience mortal sensations.
  • Corporations
    • Tyrell Corporation
      • No description available
    • Wallace Corporation
      • Wallace Corporation acquired the remnants of Tyrell Corporation, giving it control of the replicant technology and the business records of Tyrell.
  • Dates
    • November 20, 2019
      • Rick Deckard conducts a Voight Kampff test on Rachael, which K watches when he visits the Wallace Corporation (The recording date is visible on the screen).
    • June 10, 2021
      • Rachael dies during childbirth (the date that Los Angeles Police Department officer K. finds carved on a tree outside Sapper Morton's residence).
  • Laboratories
    • Stelline Laboratories
      • Stelline is a subcontractor for the Wallace Corporation working as a memory designer at an "upgrade center" named "Stelline Laboratories".
  • Orphanages
    • Morrill Cole
      • The name of the orphanage in K's implanted childhood memories.

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