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THE INTERVIEW (12) 2014 Film
  • Airlines
    • Zhangzhou Air
      • The airline Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogan) takes when he goes to China
  • Books
    • Telling All: An Unexpected Journey
      • Book by Dave Skylark.
    • An Unexpected Journey: Telling All By Dave Skylark
      • The book Dave writes about his adventure in North Korea. The title is an homage to The Lord of the Rings, of which he is a big fan.
  • Quotes
    • Dave Skylark
      • Dave Skylark: You got fucked by RoboCop, dude.
      • Dave Skylark: I've got some questions for that goat.
      • Dave Skylark: Friends don't kill friend's friends.
    • Eminem
      • Eminem: I've pretty much just been leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness.
    • Sook Yin-Park
      • Sook Yin-Park: You're hairy! You so hairy like a bear! Your nipples are so pink! I love it!
    • Sook Yin-Park & Aaron Rapaport
      • Sook Yin-Park: I've watched every episode in preparation. I particularly enjoyed the Miley Cyrus camel toe episode.
        Aaron Rapaport: The camel toe episode. That was good.
        Sook Yin-Park: I've never heard this expression before. But after seeing it, it is a perfect representation of her vagina.
        Aaron Rapaport: It is. It looked exactly like that.
        Sook Yin-Park: It's very deep.
        Aaron Rapaport: She has quite a hearty moose knuckle.
        Sook Yin-Park: You Americans are so creative with your sexual innuendos.
        Aaron Rapaport: We do it very well.
        Sook Yin-Park: Many animal references.
        Aaron Rapaport: Oh, yes, tons.
  • TV Shows-Entertainment News
    • Skylark Tonight
      • Dave Skylark's (James Franco) entertainment news television show
  • TV Stations
    • WHN
      • TV station with local news program that criticizes Dave Skylark for interviewing Kim Jong Un.
  • TV Stations-News
    • UBS News
      • TV news network.

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