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Define Love, or: Pick a Lane, Asshole!
Rod and Weena are on their way to the big dance... Again. This has happened before, hasn't it? A bittersweet tale of young love caught in a time loop, charging toward its tragic destiny.

Forced into single parenthood with two kids, a dog and a house he never wanted when his wife leaves rather abruptly, Gus tries to adapt, but his family's morning routine is changed forever when he finds himself in an epic and humorous struggle to defeat quite the formidable opponent, which just happens to be an insect in his backyard. A manic tale of absurdity.

We Could Be Anywhere
The end of a routine business trip to New York combined with a mini-vacation with his wife becomes much more for Harold when a random encounter with a girl wearing pink triggers the memory of a lost love. What could have been, what is and what could still be collide with an incoming storm system on their way to the airport, producing unexpected results.

Waiting Room
An elderly grandmother struggling to come to terms with the early stages of dementia, Ellie finds herself in a room full of people waiting for... Well, she's not sure what she's waiting for. But while she waits, she becomes captivated by a strange shaking man, until the wait becomes unbearable.

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