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The dates are real, the events are not... well, except when fictional characters participate in real events, then the events ARE real, you know, sort of, but not really, because they're different than the actual event.
Timeline Eras
Year: 2100
6 dates spanning 1 year: 2100
  • 2100
    • March
      • March 11
        •  Alien 1979 Film | Source Timeline
          Dallas serves as Navigator/Pilot on salvage vessel USCSS Snark, under Captain Van Shuyten, from March 11, 2100 to January 9, 2103. (Nostromo Crew Profile for A.J. Dallas, The Alien Legacy DVD)
    • May
      • May 23
        •  Alien 1979 Film | Source Timeline
          Kane attends Weatherly Private School from September 11, 2096 to May 23, 2100, graduating with honors. (Nostromo Crew Profile for G.W. Kane, The Alien Legacy DVD)
    • July
      • July 4
        •  Warzone 2100 1999 Video Games | Source Timeline
          An organization called The Project sends three teams (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) to gather technology that will help with reconstruction following the destruction of the world's civilizations by a series of nuclear strikes.
    • September
      • September 14
        •  Alien 1979 Film | Source Timeline
          Parker works as pit mechanic for Speedy Maxx high-speed terrafoil racing team from September 14, 2100 to October 6, 2104. Travels the DAC racing circuit. Quits pit crew over salary dispute. (Nostromo Crew Profile for J.T. Parker, The Alien Legacy DVD)
      • September 19
        •  Alien 1979 Film | Source Timeline
          Kane attends Gunning Foss Military School from September 19, 2100 to May 30, 2104, graduating at top of his class. (Nostromo Crew Profile for G.W. Kane, The Alien Legacy DVD)

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