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The dates are real, the events are fictitious... except when fictional characters participate in real events, then the events ARE real, sort of, because they're different.
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Year: 2059
2 dates spanning 1 year: 2059
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  • 2059
    • July
      • July 22
        •  Prometheus 2012 Film | Source Timeline
          Weyland introduces unique expedition security apparatus able to decontaminate indoor and outdoor environments. Apparatus mines surrounding air for flammable compounds, making it ultra light-weight as well as self-replenishing.
    • November
      • November 21
        •  Doctor Who 1963 TV Series | Source Timeline
          The Tenth Doctor visits humanity's first Martian colony, Bowie Base One at a fixed point in time - the day that the base will explode, killing the entire crew, many of which are in a zombie-like state, having been infected is by the intelligent virus. (episode The Waters of Mars)

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