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The dates are real, the events are not... well, except when fictional characters participate in real events, then the events ARE real, you know, sort of, but not really, because they're different than the actual event.
51 dates spanning 50 years: 1970-2019
  • 1970
  • 1986
  • 1991
  • 2003
  • 2007
    • October
      • October 22
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Eager to hear back from Mountainside capital regarding her scientific proposal, Helena is approached by a representative of billionaire Marcus Slade. In revised timeline, Helena returns to her Stanford lab, where she is once again approached by Marcus Slade's representative. This time though, shortly after accepting the offer, she goes into hiding.
  • 2008
    • November
      • December 28
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 424 of Helena's research project on Marcus Slade's research facility. Lenore recalls her memory of the Challenger disaster when she was 8 years old, watching a TV on a rolling stand in her dentist's waiting room.
  • 2009
    • March
      • March 14
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 500 of Helena's research project on Marcus Slade's research facility. Helena and Marcus argue over the timeline for publishing their results. Slade is disappointed with their progress to date.
      • March 29
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 515 of Helena's research project on Marcus Slade's research facility. Helena'a alone with Slade and a skeleton crew on the rig after most of the staff resigned following Slade's new orders involving stopping people's hearts and using the deprivation tank.
    • June
      • June 20
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 598 of Helena's research project on Marcus Slade's research facility. Slade convinces Helena to stay on the rig and continue with her research now that the deprivation tank is ready. He promises a day for the record books. Alternately, Slade's experiment creates a new memory of the same day.
    • July
      • July 6
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 614 of Helena's research project on Marcus Slade's research facility. Helena kills herself in the depravation tank, allowing her to return to the past, to her Stanford lab on October 22, 2007.
  • 2018
    • November
      • November 4
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Barry meets his ex-wife Julia for brunch at a cafe to remember their deceased daughter Megan on her birthday. In new timeline, Barry has brunch with both Julia and Megan on her 26th birthday. Eventually, Barry, after transferring his consciousness back to a dead memory per Marcus Slade's instructions, returns to the original timeline, where he has brunch with Julia on Megan's birthday.
      • November 5
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          After paying Ann Voss Peters' false husband Joe Behrman a visit, Barry seeks out a mysterious hotel where he is drugged and abducted before being sent back into the past. Marcus Slade kills Helena in the original timeline. He then sneaks into the lab, reloads one of his memories into the stimulators and travels back in time, creating a new timeline. Eventually, Barry, after learning from Marcus Slade how to prevent dead memories from coming back, returns to the original timeline and prevents Marcus Slade from murdering Helena in the first place. Barry then seeks out Helena at a bar called Monk's Kettle.
      • November 6
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Barry finds himself locked in a deprivation tank, forced to experience the last memories of his daughter Megan's life. In new timeline, Barry and Helena discuss plans to destroy Marcus Slade's memory chair.
      • November 15
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 8 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. Her former colleague demonstrates a powerful new use of the memory chair - sending a soldier back in time to prevent a school shooting in Maryland, saving the lives of 19 students.
      • November 18
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 11 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. She attends a meeting that includes DARPA, a representative of the technology corporation Rand Systems as well as two military soldiers, with the goal of establishing a new time travel program capable of undoing human misery.
      • November 24
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 17 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. The group becomes known as the Department of Undoing, and they establish official rules for using the memory chair, such as only going back three days into the past.
  • 2019
    • January
      • January 4
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 58 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. Helena's restrictions are loosened, and she is allowed to walk the streets of New York at night, with chaperone. Timini sent back one day before the January 5 crash of a highly classified Boeing FA-XX fighter jet near the Ukraine border.
    • February
      • February 5
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 90 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. On the program's 3 month anniversary, the New York Times profiles their 8 missions so far, speculating about the existence of an enigmatic organization in possession of a technology beyond all understanding.
    • March
      • March 2
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 115 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. Helena receives a late night visit from DARPA agent John Shaw, informing her that soon other governmental agencies will know what they're doing.
      • March 23
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 136 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. The group receives their first mandated assignment from the military - to travel back to January 4, 2019, the day before a highly classified Boeing FA-XX fighter jet malfunctioned and went down near the Ukraine border.
      • March 27
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          Day 140 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. While the group continues to intervene in civilian tragedies, their workload becomes increasingly more military facing, including undoing a drone strike that hit a wedding party on accident.
      • April 16
        •  Recursion 2019 Literature | Source Timeline
          In one timeline, it's Day 160 of Helena being held captive by DARPA. Dead memories of multiple disasters surface, including a tunnel accident, a bridge explosion and a train station bombing. The Department of Undoing learns that the chair was leaked to private companies as well as governments almost a year earlier, and now others are using it to change the past. In several subsequent timelines, the world ends in nuclear war, despite Barry and Helen's attempts to rewrite history, trying and failing to find a way to prevent dead memories from harming the brain. Eventually, Barry learns from Marcus Slade how to stop it - going back into a dead memory from the original timeline.

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