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 Exact order 
 Exact order 
  • Jake Peralta: I guess you could say he's the Golden Snitch.
    Amy Santiago: Wait. Was that a Harry Potter reference?
    Jake Peralta: It most definitely was. I started reading them because you love them so much.
    Amy Santiago: And?
    Jake Peralta: You were right. They're incredible. Remember when I called in sick the other day? I was at home reading Order of the Phoenix.
    (Season 4 episode The Fugitive, Part One)

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  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Roads
      • Bar where Amy and her bridesmaids track down her ex-boyfriend, the singer of the band that Jake hired for their wedding. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Clothing and Accessories
    • Erica Summerfield 2018 Fall Collection
      • Amy stops a crime wearing a wedding dress she was trying on - Hitchcock and Scully recognize it when she returns to the precinct. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
  • Fast Food-Other
    • Korean Fusion
      • Boyle's food truck competitor. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
    • Granny’s Rice Pudding
      • Boyle's food truck competitor. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
  • Insurance Services
    • Gray Star Mutual
      • Diaz’s Ex boyfriend Adrian Pimento is now an insurance investigator assigned to Boyle’s case when his food truck burns down. "Where the feeling is mutual" (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
  • Movies-Porn
    • Why Don’t We Take This Map and This Sextant and Chart a Course To The Restaurant?
      • Title of Boyle’s sex-tant tape, according to Captain Holt. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
    • That’s Not How Holes Work
      • The title of Boyle’s sex tape, according to Jake. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
    • Did Not Work At All, But I Love That You Attempted It
      • Title of Captain Holt’s sex-tant tape, according to Jake. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Record Companies
    • Executive Records
      • Hitchcock introduces himself to Amy’s Ex-boyfriend as Lucious Lyon, record executive at Executive Revords, as part of the gang’s ploy to distract him while Amy steals the wedding gig contract. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Social Clubs
    • The Steak Studs
      • New name the guys come up with after ditching Boyle and his scavenger hunt bachelor party - replacing Boyle’s pick, the Bach Boys. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
    • Bach Boys
      • Name that Boyle comes up with for Jake’s bachelor party guests, which he has embroidered on fanny packs - pronounced “batch” boys, as in bachelor, not “Bach” like the famous musician. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Songs
    • Amy Come Back
      • Song that Amy’s ex-boyfriend plans to sing at her wedding to win her back. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Trivia
  • Vehicle Rental
    • Brooklyn Party Limos
      • Limo company that Boyle hires for Jake’s bachelor party - not for them to ride in, but to drop off the scavenger hunt clues and to kidnap him for the Die Hard themed rescue. (Season 5 episode Bachelor/ette Party)
  • Water
    • Florida Swamp
      • Adrian Pimento claims that a true friend always remembers a friend’s first time, asking Jake and Boyle where he lost his virginity. Boyle guesses Florida Swamp and Okefenokee Swamp. Jakes gets it right - it was during a screening of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)
  • Wedding Services
    • Romantica Bridal
      • Diaz catches Amy looking at wedding dresses online. (Season 5 episode Gray Star Mutual)

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