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OUT OF SIGHT 1998 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Trivia
    • Foley's unemployed ex-wife's previous occupation?
    •  Grocery clerk
       Magician's assistant
       Exotic dancer
      • Out of Sight is based on a novel by which author?
      •  Ed McBain
         Elmore Leonard
         Chester Himes
        • Ripley's housekeeper/lover.
        •  Midge
          • To whom does Buddy confess via telephone every night?
          •  His girlfriend
             His priest
             His sister
            • What does Foley play with while he's waiting?
            •  His lighter
               His drink
               His hair
              • Who designed the suit that Karen is wearing when she gets kidnapped?
              •  Chanel
                 Donna Karen

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