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ANNIE HALL 1977 Film
  • Alvy Singer: Love is too weak a word for the way I feel. I lurve you. You know, I loave you. I luff you. With two Fs.

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  • Books-Fiction
    • My Sexual Problem New record added 9/25/2021
      • Joke by Alvy Singer, when Annie says the phrase while standing in line at the movies - according to him, a book by Henry James, the sequel to Turn of the Screw.
  • Classes
    • TV, Media and Culture New record added 9/25/2021
      • Class the professor teaches that Alvy Singer confronts in the movie theater line.
  • Dates
    • December 1, 1942 New record added 9/25/2021
      • Wednesday. Young Alvy Singer expresses a healthy sexual curiosity.
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Flicker New record added 9/25/2021
      • Alvy's childhood doctor.
  • Quotes
    • Alvy Singer New record added 9/25/2021
      • Alvy Singer: Those who canít do, teach. And those who canít teach, teach gym.

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