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MEMENTO 2000 Film
  • Leonard Shelby: Probably burned truck loads of your stuff before. Can't remember to forget you.

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    • Leonard Shelby
      • Leonard Shelby: When I looked into his eyes I thought I saw recognition. Now I know. You fake it. If you think you're supposed to recognize somebody you, you just pretend. You bluff it to get a pat on the head from the doctors. You bluff it to seem less like a freak.
      • Leonard Shelby: I'm not a killer. I'm just someone who wanted to make things right. Can't I just let myself forget what you've told me? Can't I just let myself forget what you've made me do. You think I just want another puzzle to solve? Another John G. to look for? You're John G. So you can be my John G... Will I lie to myself to be happy? In your case Teddy... yes I will.
      • Leonard Shelby: She's gone and the past is trivia that I scribble on these fucking notes.
      • Leonard Shelby: Probably burned truck loads of your stuff before. Can't remember to forget you.
      • Leonard Shelby: We all lie to ourselves to be happy.
      • Leonard Shelby: I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if I can't remember them. I have to believe that when my eyes are closed, the world's still there. Do I believe the world's still there? Is it still out there?... Yeah. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I'm no different.
      • Leonard Shelby: Facts, not memories. That's how you investigate. I know, it's what I used to do.
      • Leonard Shelby: My wife deserves vengance. Doesn't make a difference whether I know about it. Just becuase there are things I don't remember doesn't make my actions meaningless. The world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes, does it? Anyway, maybe I'll take a photograph to remind myself, get another freaky tattoo.
      • Leonard Shelby: How can I remember to forget you?
      • Leonard Shelby: It's just an anonymous room. There's nothing in the drawers. But you look anyway. Nothing except the Gideon bible, which I, of course, read religiously.
      • Leonard Shelby: You can just feel the details. The bits and pieces you never bothered to put into words. And you can feel these extreme moments... even if you don't want to. You put these together, and you get the feel of a person. Enough to know how much you miss them... and how much you hate the person who took them away.
      • Leonard Shelby: I meet Sammy through work. Insurance. I was an investigator. I'd investigate the claims to see which ones were phony. I had to see through people's bullshit. It was useful experience, 'cause now it's my life.
      • Leonard Shelby: I always thought the joy of reading a book is not knowing what happens next.
      • Leonard Shelby: If we talk for too long, I'll forget how we started. Next time I see you, I'm not gonna remember this conversation. I don't even know if I've met you before... I've told you this before, haven't I?
      • Leonard Shelby: I don't think they'd let someone like me carry a gun.
      • Leonard Shelby: Now. where was I?
      • Leonard Shelby: I was the only guy who disagreed with the cops - and I had brain damage.
      • Leonard Shelby: Sammy Jankis wrote himself endless notes. But he'd get mixed up. I've got a more graceful solution to the memory problem. I'm disciplined and organized. I use habit and routine to make my life possible. Sammy had no drive. No reason to make it work.
      • Leonard Shelby: Remember Sammy Jankis.
      • Leonard Shelby: I always thought the joy of reading a book is not knowing what happens next.
      • Leonard Shelby: I have this condition.
      • Leonard Shelby: I don't even know how long she's been gone. It's like I've woken up in bed and she's not here... because she's gone to the bathroom or something. But somehow, I know she's never gonna come back to bed. If I could just... reach over and touch... her side of the bed, I would know that it was cold, but I can't. I know I can't have her back... but I don't want to wake up in the morning, thinking she's still here. I lie here not knowing... how long I've been alone. So how... how can I heal? How am I supposed to heal if I can't... feel time?
      • Leonard Shelby: Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They're just an interpretation, they're not a record, and they're irrelevant if you have the facts.
      • Leonard Shelby: The world doesn't just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?
    • Natalie
      • Natalie: You know what? I think I'm gonna use you. I'm telling you now because I'll enjoy it so much more if I know that you could stop me if you weren't such a fucking freak!
      • Natalie: Is that what your little note says? It must be hard living your life off a couple of scraps of paper. You mix your laundry list with your grocery list you'll end up eating your underwear for breakfast.
      • Natalie: You sad, sad freak. I can say whatever the fuck I want, and you won't remember. We'll still be best friends. Or maybe even lovers.
      • Natalie: You know what one of the reasons for short term memory loss is? Venereal disease. Maybe your cunt of fucking a wife sucked one too many diseased cocks and turned you into a fucking retard.
    • Natalie & Leonard Shelby
      • Natalie: What's the last thing you do remember?
        Leonard Shelby: My wife.
        Natalie: That's sweet.
        Leonard Shelby: Dying.
    • Teddy
      • Teddy: You don't want the truth. You make up your own truth.
      • Teddy: So you lie to yourself to be happy. There's nothing wrong with that. We all do it.
      • Teddy: All you do is moan. I'm the one that has to live with what you've done. I'm the one that put it all together. You, you wander around, you're playing detective. You're living a dream, kid. A dead wife to pine for. A sense of purpose to your life. A romantic quest that you wouldn't end, even if I wasn't in the picture.
      • Teddy: I guess I can only make you remember the things you want to be true.
      • Teddy: It's beer o'clock, and I'm buying.
      • Teddy: We found him, you killed him!... But you didn't remember.
      • Teddy: But when you killed him I, I was so convinced that you'd remember. But it didn't stick... like nothin' ever sticks, like this won't stick.
      • Teddy: When she offers to help, it'll be for her own reasons. I'm not lying. Take my pen, write this down. Do not trust her.
      • Teddy: You know, I've had more rewarding friendships than this one. Although I do get to keep telling the same jokes.
      • Teddy: Nice shot, Liebowitz.
    • Teddy & Leonard Shelby
      • Teddy: You don't know who you are anymore.
        Leonard Shelby: Of course I do. I'm Leonard Shelby. I'm from San Francisco.
        Teddy: No, that's who you were! Maybe it's time you started investigating yourself.

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