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THE LORD OF THE RINGS 1954 Literature
  • Gollum: Precious, precious, precious! My Precious! O my Precious!

Real dates. Fictional events.

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  • Trivia
    • Galadriel's daughter.
    •  Arwen
      • How were Merry, Eowyn and Faramir healed?
      •  Athelas
        • How were the Rohirrim to be summoned in the moment of urgency?
        •  The Red Arrow
           The Blue Map
           The Silver Sword
          • What is Durin's Bane?
          •  Oliphaunt
            • Where was dangerous for Legolas, according to Galadriel?
            •  The City
               The Wood
               The Sea
              • Who is the rightful heir to the sword that was broken?
              •  Arathorn
                • Who was Denthor's original heir?
                •  Aragorn
                  • Who was struck down by a Southron dart?
                  •  Faramir
                    • Whom did Pippin come to serve in Gondor?
                    •  Aragorn
                    • Trivia-Names
                      • What are the names of the hills directly north of Hobbiton?
                      •  Ironeon Hills
                         Hills of Evendium
                         Bluen Hillvern
                        • What is Gandalf's name in the tongue spoken by the men of Gondor?
                        •  Incanus
                          • What is the name of the un-named's tower?
                          •  Barad Dur
                          • Trivia-Numbers
                            • How many orcs and men does Gimli the Dwarf slay in the battle at Helm's Deep?
                            •  12

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