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KING OF THE HILL 1997 Animated Series
  • Peggy: As long as it took that river to carve the Grand Canyon, that is how long women have been learning to subtly manipulate relationships.

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  • Trivia
    • According to Dale, how was L.Ron Hubbard killed?
    •  Eating too many marshmallows
       Fire ants
      • How much does it cost the Hills to steam clean the entire house?
      •  $999
        • What does Dale say when he hears the phrase, "Earth first"?
        •  "Earth Smurf, what's she done for me lately?"
           "Make Mars our bitch."
           "Beer first, then Earth. You got to have priorities."
          • What does the sign over Hank's dog's bed say?
          •  "Bless this Mess"
             "Reserved Parking for Georgia Bloodhounds"
             "Beware of Dog"
            • What is the address for Hank's dog's house?
            •  85 Rainey Street
               84 Rainey Street NE
               84 1/2 Rainey Street
              • What is the secret ingredient in Dale's home made insecticide?
              •  Cyanide
                 Another brand of insecticide
                • What tobacco company does Dale sue?
                •  Jolly Roger Cigarettes
                   Manitoba Tobacco Corporation
                   Morley Tobacco
                • Trivia-Names
                  • Dale's son's name.
                  •  Red
                    • Hank's dog's name.
                    •  G Dubya
                       Lady Bird
                      • Joseph's middle name.
                      •   F.
                        • What is the name of Dale's company?
                        •  Exterminator Industries
                           Dale's Dead Bug
                           Die Insects Die!
                          • What is the name of Hank's dog's house?
                          •  Barkingham Palace
                             Dog Heaven
                             Hill House 2

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