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 Exact order 
 Exact order 
  • Tagline: Something Unexpected Has Evolved.

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  • Quotes
    • Dr. Alan Grant
      • Dr. Alan Grant: You're no better than the guys that built this place.
    • Eric Kirby
      • Eric Kirby: I survived for two months on my own, I think I can handle two minutes without you.
    • Paul Kirby
      • Paul Kirby: Let's go home.
    • Tagline
      • Tagline: Dream. Fantasy. Destruction. Evolution of Adventure.
      • Tagline: Evolution of Adventure!
      • Tagline: Something Unexpected Has Evolved.
      • Tagline: This Time It's Not Just A Walk In The Park!
      • Tagline: You know how the dream started. You know how the fantasy ended. Time to evolve from point A to site B. Get ready for the Evolution of Adventure.

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