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THE JETSONS 1962 Animated Series
  • Cogswell: There's only one thing worse than war and that is business, and Spacely has declared business on us.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Trivia
    • How fast can a super sonic skateboard travel?
    •  5 light years in 30 minutes
       1,000 miles in 1,000 milliseconds
       200 miles per hour
      • What city do the Jetsons live in?
      •  New New York
         Orbit City
         Earth City
        • What's a code red?
        •  When aliens attack
           When all computers, robots and other electronics are against you
           When a holiday has been postponed
          • What's the Jetsons' telephone number?
          •  MERCURY-2001
            • What's the speed limit on highways in the 21st century?
            •  60,000 cycles per hydro-second
               500 miles per hour
               200 light miles per milli-mile
            • Trivia-Names
              • What is the name of The Jetsons' apartment complex?
              •  Earth Aire Condos
                 Sky High Villas
                 Skypad Apartments

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