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  • 1987
      • May 12
        •  House of Games 1987 Film | Source Timeline
        • Margaret visits the House of Games in order to help her patient Billy Hahn, who owes money to Mike. Mike and his friends attempt to con her out of $6,000, but the con fails when Margaret spots water dripping out of George's (water) gun.
      • May 13
        •  House of Games 1987 Film | Source Timeline
        • Margaret returns to the House of Games, looking for Mike, finding him at Charlie's Tavern. She tells him she wants to write about him. He teaches her a con at Western Union, then takes her to a hotel. After they have sex in a stranger's room, she joins him in a scheduled con.
      • May 14
        •  House of Games 1987 Film | Source Timeline
        • After joining Mike in a con and staying a hotel room overnight, the con goes bad, and their mark, which turns out to be a cop, gets killed. Mike convinces her to steal a car to get away from the hotel, and the gang splits up. Later, Margaret's patient Billy stops by to tell her he has to go out of town, and then when he leaves, she spots him in the stolen car and follows him to Charlie's Tavern, where he leads her to Mike. She follows Mike to the airport, where she shoots and kills him.

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