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  • Dates
    • July 11, 1886
      • New record added 8/4/2022
      • Dr. Scott McKenzie and Georgia Crawford travel back in time to July 11, 1886 to stop Dr. Joseph Cole from killing Georgias ancestor and changing history.
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  • Government-Other
    • The Federation
      • New record added 8/4/2022
      • Government 600 years in Georgia Crawford's future.

  • Dr. Scott McKenzie: Hey, lady. What's going on?
    Georgia Crawford: Well, I suppose that it's time you knew. I'm living proof that you are not crazy, Professor McKenzie. I'm a human being of flesh and blood. With one interesting feature. I was born 600 years after you..
    Dr. Scott McKenzie: 600 years?
    Georgia Crawford: I come from 2586.
    Dr. Scott McKenzie: 2586?
    Georgia Crawford: I'm one of your time travelers.
    Dr. Scott McKenzie: One of my time travelers? How many of you are there?

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