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Fictional business and products... and more
  • Apartment and Condos
    • Feng Shan Apartments
      • John Musgrave sends Ethan to Shanghai, the Feng Shan Apartments #1406.
  • Government Agencies
    • IMF
      • Impossible Mission Force. Ethan Hunt leads an IMF team to face elusive arms dealer and information broker Owen Davian who intends to sell a mysterious dangerous object known as "The Rabbit's Foot".
  • Manufacturing Companies
    • Hengshan Lu
      • The Rabbit's Foot is on the 56th floor of the Hengshan Lu Building, a Chinese military contractor.
  • Travel Services
    • Ready Travel Resort Services
      • Code used in message to Ethan Hunt from IMF.
  • Trivia
    • Ethan Hunt's middle name.
    •  Matthew

      • Ethan Hunt's wife Julia Meade's middle name.
      •  Anne

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