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FREAKY 2020 Film
  • Millie Kessler: I am a fucking piece.

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  • Quotes
    • The Blissfield Butcher
      • The Blissfield Butcher (as Millie Kessler): Your touch makes this pussy drier than sandpaper you fucking monkey. I can't wait to kill you.
    • Josh Detmer
      • Josh Detmer: That nasty stare does not scare me.
      • Josh Detmer: You're black. I'm gay. We are so dead.
    • Millie Kessler
      • Millie Kessler: I am a fucking piece.
      • Millie Kessler: Time to stab this asshole.
      • Millie Kessler (as the Blissfield Butcher): I'm not a cock gobbler.

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