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  • Maria Cruz: Forever is a long time.

  • Marianne Peters: What a hunk of junk.

  • Burt Cummings: Let's just talk turkey for a second.

  • Scott Ward: If it's a choice between dying on the Strip and spending another day flipping patties at the Lucky Boy, I'll gamble on a few million.

  • Chambers: Go! Run! Run!

  • Martin: It's a goddamn zombie tiger. That's crossing the line.

  • Scott Ward: Hey. Let me just look at you.

  • Lilly: You all keep talking about the city like it's their prison. It's not. It's their kingdom.

  • Lilly: Just go!

  • Scott Ward: Think about it. Everything we did. All those people we saved. Look what it got us. But what if, just once, we did something for us?

  • Lilly: Within these walls, the rules are clear.

  • Martin: I really hate that tiger. It's perverse.

  • Marianne Peters: Listen, I hate my life so deeply, if I had two million dollars, my life would change drastically.

  • Marianne Peters: Was that a zombie in a cape?


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