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  • Harry Vanderspeigle: Concerning your breath - did you just eat a dead rodent? (Season 1 episode Homesick)

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  • Cities and Towns - U.S.
    • Patience, Colorado
      • Town where Harry the alien lives after his spaceship crashes and he loses part of his extinction event device. "The middle of nowhere. Nobody in their right mind would live here - unless they have something to hide." (Pilot episode)
  • Department, Discount and General Stores
    • Ladysmith Trading Co.
      • Store in Patience, Colorado. (Season 1 episode Homesick)
  • Diners
    • The 59
      • Diner in Patience, Colorado - named after an event in 1884, in which 59 miners died entering a compromised mine to save one missing miner. (Pilot episode)
  • Drugstores
    • Page's
      • Drug store in the background when Homer gives back all the presents he stole from the residents of Springfield the night before. "Pharmacist, gift etc." (Season 15 episode Tis The Fifteenth Season)
  • Hospitals
    • Patience Health Clinic
      • The alien impersonating Harry Vanderspeigle becomes the new town doctor after the town doctor dies. (Pilot episode)
  • Police Departments
    • Patience Sheriff
      • Local police department in Patience, Colorado, featuring Big Black and Deputy Liv. (Pilot episode)
  • Sporting Goods Stores
    • Patience Outfitter
      • Local sporting goods store in Patience, Colorado. "Ski Supplies, Hiking & Camping, Ski Rentals, Trail Bikes, Climbing Gear, Paddling, Game Room, Ski Supplies, Hunting Supplies" (Pilot episode)

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