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IF I HADN'T MET YOU 2018 TV Series
  • Dr. Everest: Have you ever wondered why there's so much beauty in the wings of a butterfly? (Season 1 episode The Wings of a Butterfly)

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  • Bars and Night Clubs
    • Razzmatazz
      • Eduard's wife Elisa Montcalm becomes a singing star in a universe in which they did not get married, performing a concert at a place called Razzmatazz. (Season 1 episode It Is And It Isn't)
  • Corporations
    • The Mediterranean Group
      • Company where Eduard works, which he mentions to the police when they call to tell him that his family has been killed. Since he's in a different universe, he says he is Eduard's brother and tells them to call him. (Season 1 episode The Key)
  • Doctors
    • Dr. Carme Rius Cambray
      • Dr. Everest's cardiologist. (Season 1 episode Sciences or Arts)
  • Lodging-Hotels
    • Edelweiss Care Hotel
      • Where Dr. Everest lives - Eduard goes looking for her when he returns to his original universe. (Season 1 episode The Kiss)
    • Hotel Le Ciel Étoilé
      • Hotel that Eduard and Elisa visit before she leaves for California. (Season 1 episode Universe Zero)
  • Magazines-Tech
    • The NAST
      • Magazine The NAST -The New American Science and Technology - features Dr. Everest, Person of the Year. (Season 1 episode Universe Zero)
  • Movie Theaters
    • Cinema Universal
      • Movie theater. (Season 1 episode I Shouldn't Have Met Him)
  • Songs
    • I Finally Found You
      • Song title from joke Eduard makes to Elisa: I'm seeing an album with the main song titled, "I Finally Found You" The new album by Lluis Antic, with the new singing star, the dashing Elisa Montcalm. (Season 1 episode They Won't Meet)
    • You Don't Know Me
      • Song by Eduard's wife Elisa Montcalm in a universe in which they did not get married and she becomes a singing star. (Season 1 episode It Is And It Isn't)

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