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Real dates. Fictional events.
2 dates spanning 9 years: 1963-1971
  • 1963
    • November
      • November 22
        •  Doctor Who: Who Killed Kennedy 1996 Literature | Source Timeline
          Renegade alien Time Lord The Master sends UNIT soldier Private Francis Cleary to prevent JFK's assassination as part of his plan to destabilize the time-space continuum by changing history in unpredictable ways. Using The Doctor's time ring, Journalist James Stevens travels to Dallas, finding Cleary fighting with Lee Harvey Oswald, and the two are knocked out. James, to his horror, realizes that to ensure the assassination of Kennedy, he must do it himself. He lines up at the window and takes the shot, catching site of the Master and fires, but misses, however, a shot, fired from elsewhere, succeeds and the assassination prevails. James sets up Oswald to look as if he took the shot for when he is inevitably found.
  • 1971

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