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PARASITE 2019 Film

Real dates. Fictional events.

Fictional business and products... and more
  • Awards
    • RJTAA Innovation Awards
      • Nathan Park awarded the RJTAA Innovation Awards 2017 for Best Use of Emerging / New Technology.
  • Churches, Religions and Religious Organizations
    • The Love of God Church
      • Church that Ki-woo mentions to the Pizza Generation worker.
  • Coffee Shops
    • Coffee Land
      • New nearby coffee shop whose wi-fi the Kim family attempts to access for free.
  • Electronics
    • The Hybrid Module Map
      • Technology that Nathan Park receives Innovation Award for developing in 2017.
  • Pizza Parlors
    • Pizza Generation
      • The Kim family tries to make money folding pizza boxes.
  • Services-Other
    • The Care
      • Fake service that the Kims create in order to bring Mrs. Kim into the Park household. Mr. Kim, now Mr. Park's driver, presents the company as an option to Mr. Park. According to Mr. Kim, the service provides "veteran-grade help to VIP customers".

  • Technology Companies
    • Another Brick
      • Technology company.


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