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  • Trivia
    • Where is the Reverend Paul Weston from?
      •  Antelope Valley, California
         Bear Lake, Michigan
         Deerfield, Indiana

    • What was the name of the presidential hopeful assassinated by the special children of the Institute?
      •  David Palmer
         Mark Berkowitz
         Greg Stillson

    • What is NOT one of caretaker Corrine's nicknames?
      •  Corrine the Slapper
         Corrine the Wicked Bitch of the East
         Corrine the Boring

    • What is the population of Dupray, South Carolina?
      •  2,421

    • Which of the following is NOT one of the caretakers in the Institute?
      •  Jake the Snake
         Jon Thunder Gun
         Phil The Pill

    • Number of the train that Luke hops in Dennison River Bend after escaping from the Institute.
      •  A113

    • Which of the following is a caretaker in the Institute?
      •  Brian the Lion
         Mark the Narc
         Zeke the Greek

    • New number for the freight train that Luke hops after leaving Sturbridge, running south to Richmond, Wilmington, DuPray, Brunswick, Tampa, and finally Miami.
      •  9956

    • Which of the following was NOT a child in the Institute?
      •  Iris Stanhope
         Hope George
         George iris

Which of the following was one of the caretakers in Back Half?
      •  Corrine the Soldier
         Corrine the Slapper
         Corrine the Sinner

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