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FUTURE MAN 2017 TV Series
  • Stu Camillo (singing): Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. (Season 2 episode Exes and OS)

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  • Trivia-Names
    • Elias Kronish's neighbor Jimmy's cat. (Season 1 episode Operation: Fatal Attraction)
    •  Hare
      • in the alternate timeline where Josh is named Joosh, but goes by the name "JFUTZ”, JFTUZ's sex doll's name. (Season 1 episode Prelude to an Apocalypse)
      •  Dolly
        • Joshua Futturman's middle name. (Season 1 episode Justice Desserts)
        •  Misha
          • Stuart Camillo's middle name. (Season 2 episode Exes and OS)
          •  Gale
            • Wolf's new friend Chase's dog that just booked a national commercial. (Season 1 episode Operation: Fatal Attraction)
            •  Bog

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