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 Exact order 
 Exact order 
  • Peter Novins #1: Hello.
    Peter Novins #2: I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number.
    Peter Novins #1: What number did you want?
    Peter Novins #2: Klondike 5-6189
    Peter Novins #1: This is Klondike 5-6189. Who are you calling?
    Peter Novins #2: No, I must have dialed wrong. This can't be Klondike 5-6189.
    Peter Novins #1: Yeah, that's the number you've reached. Who did you want?
    Peter Novins #2: I wasn't calling anybody at this number. Wait a minute - are you sure this is Klondike 5-6189?
    Peter Novins #1: I think I know my own number, pal. Who are you?
    Peter Novins #2: Peter Novins. Who are you?
    Peter Novins #1: I'm Peter Novins.
    (episode Shatterday)

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2 dates spanning 38 years: 1986-2023
  • 1986
    • April
      • April 27
        •  The Twilight Zone 1985 TV Series | Source Timeline
          Young married couple the Wrights wake up to find construction workers removing and replacing the furniture in their house, Outside, they discover more workers rebuilding the entire neighborhood. Eventually they learn that time has stopped and the workers build every moment of existence. (Episode A Matter of Minutes)
  • 2023

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